Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Being a progressive investigator

Hey family! :) well this week has been crazy busy! haha i barely had time to sit down for a meal most of the days! :) but that is just the best feeling as a missionary, and when you feel like you are just dragging yourself into the apartment on sunday night because you are so exahusted is awesome! :) haha anyways this week we were blessed to meet a new investigator named Spencer :) haha ya he is an american, so looks like im gonna have to brush up on my english :) haha but he has a ton of potential! he came out to church on sunday and absolutely loved it and wants to continually keep coming out so we are really looking forward to getting to meet with him! Keep him in your prayers, hopefully his name will be easier to remember than some of our other investigators :) anyways it is so great to get to be a missionary and to be so blessed to get to learn so much everyday. :) haha my new goal is to always be a progressing investigator for the lord! :) haha anyways not always is it comfortable or easy to learn, but it is definiltey always worth it! :) anyways i hope you all have a super awesome week! sure love you and am praying for you!
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New comp

so got my new companion elder Hughes this week!!!:) he is so awesome! it has been so awesome to get to serve with him already and im looking forward to seeing the many miracles as we continue to serve together! :) we were blessed to find this awesome less active this week who says he wants us to help him get back on the straight and narrow! :) haha he says its going to be a bit of an underground straight and narrow at first but he will slowly tell his friends and try to prepare them to all hear the lessons as well! :) haha anyways me and Elder hughes 귀환 at pretty much the same time, so neither of us have much time left and we are planning on just baptizing Korea before we head home! :) Haha we started this 40 purification fast to basically try and prepare ourselves as best as we can to call down the powers of heaven, strengthen our zone, stake, and investigators and to do all that we can to truly become the men the Lord intended us to become while we are on our missions! One thing i have truly been grateful for recently is the power of the holy ghost! the power, comfort, strength, and guidance that come from the Holy Ghost are amazing! i feel so blessed to have such a glorious gift from my father in heaven! And i truly want everyone in the world to be able to experience such a wonderful gift! anyways im praying for all of you! :) i am so blessed to know the lord is with you all through all the trials and struggles of this life! I know he truly loves each and everyone of us! we are his children and he is our father! as we rely on him there is truly nothing we can't overcome! I love you all!!!
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Families can be together forever, and pics!

wow another transfer has come and gone! I can't believe it! this morning we got transfer calls. I can't believe another transfer is about to come to an end. The time keeps going so fast i feel like i don't even have time to blink :) haha. anyways things here are going super well! we had a great week! One family we have been teaching has really started to opened up and the mom even said that they are already members of our church :) haha. i also had the cool opportunity to teach two people from ethiopia this week with the other missionaries in our district. it was so cool to see how the lord brings people together in all sorts of circumstances to provide them the opportunity to hear about the gospel. anyways so as far as transfers go. my companion 박재우 is getting transfered out ㅠㅠ it has been so great to get to serve with him! he is a great missionary and i have sure learned a ton from him. but im also looking forward to getting to serve with my new companion. His name is Elder Hughes and he comes from good ole' Gilbert Arizona!!!:) haha he went to Highland Highschool and im pretty sure we played against eachother in volleyball a few times! :) He is my younger 동기 so I cant wait to get to serve with him! :) anyways sure learning a lot that is for sure! :) recently i have been so grateful for the Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary in the scriptures! They make morning studies super exciting and they truly help to open the scriptures! :) they have also been super helpful in helping a lot of our investigators! :) anyways i am so grateful for the scriptures and the blessings and knowledge that come from them. There is definitely no doubt in my mind that this church is true! and that our savior, jesus christ, truly suffered for each of us, and that through him we can truly return to live with our heavenly father, and our families forever!  i sure love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
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Found a Mexican Resteraunt in Korea, yea!!,

Family home evening games!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Zone mtg. & a true seeker

( sorry it's late! I forgot to "publish")
Hey family!!!!:) it has been a crazy week! But thats nothing new :) haha Everyday in the life of a missionary is full of tons of surprises, and learning moments! :) But this week has been great! We started off the week with a big group zone meeting we organized with president just because we thought the zone really needed it and it turned out just being amazing! basically just turned into a big huge testimony meeting and the spirit was just so strong! can you imagine 33 missionaries and a mission president and his wife all together baring their testimonies and then closing with a big group prayer for our ward members and investigators! Definitley a crazy awesome experience! :) Anyways aside from that another highlight of the week that we had was a super fun meeting with a new investigator of ours :) haha and by super fun, i mean one of the longest, most in depth lessons i have ever had. haha so i was contacting a bunch of phone numbers of people who have been investigators in the past couple of years and came across this man named 성요한(Song, Yo Han). Anyways i called him and he was superr  excited to meet with us. So we ended up meeting him about one hour later. :) We were planning on just kinda going through our missionary purpose and establishing a good base and figuring out where he was at with believing in God and church and those things. Well that was the plan....haha but needless to say that was not the way the lesson went down. :) Well this guy has been searching for God. And by searching i mean i don't think i have ever met anyone who has searched this hard on my mission. He has read the bible over 20 times start to finish and has memorized all of The Book of Revelations as well as several other books in the New testiment. Truly amazing! Anyways we ended up sitting down with him for almost a total of 4 hours disecting the bible and answering all of his questions and relating to the book of mormon. He was so into it it was rediculously cool! and in the end he walked out with the Book of Mormon determined to read and understand it ! :) As i we taught the lesson the thing that touched me so strongly was how blessed we are to have the Book of Mormon. For it truly is another witness of Jesus Christ and it truly makes clear the ambiguities of the Bible. The Book of Mormon truly answers questions of the soul and i felt so blessed to get to testify of the truthfulness and divinity of it to this man who truly was searching to find his savior. He still has a lot of questions and a long way to go but already you can see the sense of clearity that is starting to come over him :) Im so grateful to be a missionary and a servant of the lord! Anyways i hope you all have had a wonderful week! Im praying for you! :) And sure love you all!
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