Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

God is in it

Ok this week is going to have to be really short cuz I am almost out of time :) anyways things are going absolutely amazing over here in Korea! The lord has been blessing us so much it is absolutely amazing! :) Poor Elder Williams, I am just making him run around like crazy! But it is super fun and we get to see so many miracles :) Often we find ourselves having to cut out meals or parts of studies because we are so busy bouncing between apointments! The work is moving, God is at the front and I am just doing everything I possibly can to keep up!Oh so the other day we had an appointment with one of our investigators, 강대영. He is absolutely amazing! So as we were on our way to meet him I just had the feeling that we needed to change the plan for what we were going to teach him. I had been reading in 1Peter 5 the night before and felt that I needed to share and focus our lesson around it. As we shared the excerpt, Peter 5:8-11, the spirit was so strong. 강대영 looked up at us with wet eyes and just said how could you have known? He said that the past couple of days he had been getting a lot of pressure from several really close friends. The had told him to get far away from us and to not get baptized or listen to anything we said. He had come to the lesson prepared to tell us he was going to have to cancel his baptism. But after he heard the scripture and me and elder Williams each bore our testimonies he exclaimed, GOD LIVES, THIS IS HIS CHURCH, AND SATAN WILL NOT KEEP ME FROM JOINING IT. It was so powerful and so amazing to be apart of it! It strengthened my testimony even more! Missionaries speak with authority and guidance from heaven, this work is lead by Almighty God, and through him we can know all things. Satan is powerful, but with God we can overcome all things, I know we can overcome Satan, his temptaions, and we can come off conqueror! With God we can do all things! I boast in my God! For without him I am nothing, but with him all mankind can bring to pass such remarkable miracles amidst a fallen world, surrounded in darkness, turmoil, and strife. I am so grateful to be apart of the work and to be able to learn so much! I love you all so much and encourage you all to seek opportunities to build your testimony and bring the same feeling and spirit you have felt before. Think of the time you felt the spirit the strongest, and strive to relive it! :) I hope you have an amazing week!
Love- Elder Bigler