Friday, March 28, 2014


안녕하세요 여러분!!!!!:) {hello everyone}

This week has been crazy! I can't even believe that a whole week has past already! This transfer is over halfway over and i feel like i just barely got here!!! Anyways i have tons i wish i could talk about but due to time ill have to just touch on my favorite part of the week. STAKE CONFERENCE! Wow it was so amazing! Probably one of the most amazing stake conferences i have been to. I was blessed with the opportunity to get to translate for a couple of american members who attended as well, and that in and of itself was quite an amazing experience. I definitley was able to learn alot. We had Elder Whiting from the 70 come and preside and i got to meet with him and be with him and the spirit and testimony he brought truly was amazing. He was definitley called of the Lord and the Lord was with him.
Anyways something from stake conference that he said that i really liked was when he mentioned how, when Jesus was born the sign of his birth was a day and a night and a day of continuous LIGHT, and when he died the sign was three days of DARKNESS. The symbol of Christ is light, and the joy it brings. Light brings life and joy to the whole earth. I just thought it was soo cool to make that connection and to remember the result of the absence of Christ's light is darkness, confusion 등등. It is soo amazing to be a missionary and to get to watch as the light of Christ enters into the darkness of the world. Everyday as I see people make steps closer to being in the light, I find my own light inside growing and become even stronger. The Strength that comes from Christ is so amazing and i am so grateful for it. I am so grateful for the spirit and its guiding powers as well. It is amazing how much you can decern, understand, and the power that can be brought when talking with and by the spirit. Something else that i learned this week was about the difference between having the authority to doing things, and the power that comes through that authority to produce miracles. All of us recieve authority to do certain things for the lord, or even others, but unless we realize how we can use power to magnify that authority, we will only be able to accomplish things according to our personal ability. As we read in Alma Ch.17 the sons of mosiah understood this principle. They had authority to go and preach to the lamanites from the lord. But in chapter 17 we learn what they did in order to receive the power to magnify that authority. As we pray earnestly, fast, and devote our efforts to the lord. We qualify for that power. And as we excercise faith we are able to perform miracles for the lord. I know this is true personally. As we have faith and exercise that faith as a means of power we are able to accomplish so much more. To become so much more. And to be able to draw so much closer to our savior! Anyways i love you all so much and hope you can all feel the Lord's love for you as well. I am so grateful to know He is with you all, protecting you. I hope you find the strength from his light to continue on through all the trials in your life!
비글러 장로

Monday, March 17, 2014

Time flys... Already 20

Hey everyone! :) Dang time is flying by sooooo fast!!!! It is crazy to think i am already 20!!! Weird! Anyways this week has been awesome! For the last 3 days straight it was raining, and while it is beautiful it makes it hard to missionary work outside :) But luckily the lord blessed us with many appointments so that we could continue to be effective and not have to worry to much about getting our feet wet :) haha anyways things are going super well! I don't think i have ever felt so busy in my life :) haha but i definiltey enjoy every single moment of it :) My Korean is definitely getting better! :) Being with my companion often has definitley helped :) right now i am teaching him english cuz he wants to go to BYU and he is helping me with my korean! :) its a win-win situation :) Sadly cuz we are constantly having to do splits, meetings, and other stuff around the zone we don't get a ton of time to teach eachother but its ok :) we are still learning a ton everyday! The lord is definiltey teaching me so much everyday!!!! Everyday i look back and realize how much i have learned in just a short amount of time...haha and then i look ahead.....WOW I still have a TON to learn! :) but hey, the lord is blessing me and helping every step of the way. I feel so loved to know that he knows me personally, that he is aware of my every moment, that he watches over me, guides me, and trusts me enough to make my own desicions, and then through those disicions as i make mistakes he feels me with his love and support so that i can overcome those things and become the true man he needs me to be. This work is amazing. Truly only through the service of the lord can we find who we truly are. I love you all so much and hope that as you go about your daily lives you feel the lords love for you, and find strength to overcome all the trials in your life. I know that through our Lord we truly can do all things. He loves us all so much, more than we could ever understand! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!!!!:) 
비글러 장로

Monday, March 3, 2014

Crazy busy

Wow this has been one of the craziest busiest weeks of my life it seems :) haha, well im sure there are a lot more busy times but it definitley felt crazy. Anyways I got all moved in to my new house on thursday....well not really :) haha i got there with enough time to set my bags down and then walk back out the door to get to appointments and meetings :) finally got home had planning and went to bed. Then the next day i had to travel to daejon for meetings, then the next day we were out there door again super early in the morning for appointments and a youth activitiy and didn't return until that night and then church and more travel to meetings and then i am here today and tomorrow more mettings and a split :) haha basically i think my apartment is nice but i haven't really had a chance to look around in side other than my desk and bed :) haha anyways new area is sweet! We have the biggest ward building in the mission. Four floors with a full size basket ball court on the TOP floor!!! SWEET!!! :) cant wait to get to use that! :) Anyways my new companion is awesome! his name is 박인오 장로님 {Elder Pak In Hoe} and he is just awesome! :) I can't wait to get to serve with him this transfer!!!! Anyways this zone is so awesome! I can't wait to get to serve with them all. The stake i am over is a really old stake. One that has been around for a long long time. It is so cool to get to see the deep culture that is enrooted here. The stake president here is awesome too and i am so glad i will get to serve more closely with him as well :) Anyways i have to get going :) but i hope all is going well! :) I love you all and pray you feel the saviors love and his infinite atonement every day of your lives!!!!! Have a wonderful week!!!!
Elder Bigler