Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thumbs up and pics!!

Haha well mom as far as fun stories go i guess i do have one to tell ya :) Looks like i can no longer say i have never wore a cast :) haha i was playing soccer last p-day and i guess one of the other adults wasn't happy that i kept blocking his shots so he came at me a little agressively and the outcome was a broken thumb :) haha but no worries. The doc said i got in soon enough so everything should heal up just perfect. maybe send a few extra prayers my way but im sure things will be all good soon :) ill get to wear this fancy splint for the next little while though. But it has actually been a super great conversation starter. People are always like- wow did you get hurt? and i tease and say no i just wore it cuz i thought it was a good addition to my style and the laugh and then ask how it happened, i tell them soccer, and then they laugh and are like don't you know youre supposed to play soccer with your feet, and i laugh and am like ya my mom told me that and i guess i should listen to her huh? mom always nows best! :) as a matter of fact my mom is awesome she is the one who helped me get out here to Korea. and then they are like oh what are you doing here in korea and then i go right into im a missionary and it is a great way to start a discussion about families and the way they bless us and then get into how the gospel blesses families! :) anyways things are going well over here in good ole Korea! :) at this point i don't even remember what america looks or feels like. haha :) but the work is going well. The ward is really starting to pick up on missionary work. This next week all the auxillary groups are going to come up with goals and plans for how they will work to do member missionary work :) Anyways keep praying for our investigators. We have a few who are really close to entering that path that leads to eternal life :) Particularly pray for 최종헌 형제님과 정총국 형제님 :) {Brother Chwey Jong Hun, and Brother Jeong Chong Gook} If you would i would be ever so grateful! :) haha anyways sure love you all and hope all is going well! Im praying for you!!!!
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Nice thumb!

Burgers and soda!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mountain climbs

dang i can't believe how fast time is going by. i know i say it every week haha but seriously it just keeps getting faster and faster! :) well this week has been exciting. lots of crazy experiences and definitely been busy. Seems like we always have something going on. and i guess that is a good thing right? :) the last thing you ever want as a missionary is a day were you don't have any appointments or not much of a schedule...haha! anyways things are going super well over here, the ward is full of great members and now we are just working to help them think more about missionary work. The missionaries in my zone are all just crazy awesome. I am so blessed to get to learn so much from them everyday! anyways i have so much i wish i could talk about! but sadly not much time today. Sadly things came up so we had to email kinda late today :) anyways keeping praying for our investigators. They all have their mountains they are working to climb in order to follow their savior. One thing that has been cool though is to just see the light in each one of their eyes. The things they are working to get over are certainly not easy; however you can tell that each one of them has a testimony that it will be worth it! I think that is something i too need to often remember... mountains in life were never meant to be easy to climb. But every mountain we climb will be worth it. Our savior Jesus Christ suffered and knows every one of our pains, our struggles, and our challenges. I know he would never allow us to feel those pains unless he knows it would benefit us. Why would the Lord allow us to have pain, knowing that it would inevitably cause him more pain, if he didn't know it would be for our gain. As we face the challenges in this life i know things will be difficult, painful, and sometimes feel like it is too much to bare. But just keep pushing through. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. i hope you all remember how much you are loved. And how big of a difference you can make in another's life by helping them realize how loved they are as well. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Companionship of the Holy Ghost

wow crazy week! :) haha i can't believe it is already over! things are going super well over here in 대전. sure learning a ton everyday! This week we were busy between investigator appointments, ward appointments, missionary appointments, ward campout, giving a talk on sunday. haha just lots to do this week i guess :) i definitley like the feeling here in 대전! there is always something going on, someone needing help, or something to plan! It is sure great to be a servant of the Lord. Something that has really stuck out to me this week is the importance of the Holy Ghost. I know for a fact i wouldn't be able to do anything without its guidance. Constantly having the companionship of the Holy Ghost has been such a tremendous blessing throughout my mission. From the gifts of the spirit, such as with the language and discerning feelings, to just the comfort and strength that it brings. It is such a humbling experience to see how the spirit can enter the hearts of the children of men and bare witness of our father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ. The clarity, and direction that comes through the spirit is astounding, i can't imagine learning anything without it. There has been several humbling experiences on my mission to the point that i feel as though the Lord has put me in a situation not so that I can teach someone, but literally just so the Lord could come in and touch the life of that person through the Holy Ghost. I don't have much to offer. There is nothing i can come close to teaching as well as the Holy Ghost teaches it ever time. But my favorite part is the part where the spirit gives me the chance to bare my personal testimony that the things the spirit has already testified of are true. I have been blessed so much to have my testimony strengthened, fortified, built upon and brought to a whole new level of understanding. Family and friends- God lives and he loves you. You have a savior. He came down for you. He suffered for you. And through him you can overcome everything. You can be made clean. The spirit is there. He bares witness that Christ lives. I know you have felt the love of your savior in your life. One time. Do all you can to remember that moment. Cherish it. The spirit will bare its confirmation. He will teach you. This gospel is true. It is restored. We truly can be with our families forever. We truly can do great things. The savior knows you. one by one. he is with you, and is knocking. I pray that you may open his door. That you may feel his love. That you may repent of your sins, turn your heart to the Lord, and become more than you ever thought possible through the infinite power of his atonement! I love you all. 예수 그리스도의 이름으로 간증 드립니다. 아멘.~
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