Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thumbs up and pics!!

Haha well mom as far as fun stories go i guess i do have one to tell ya :) Looks like i can no longer say i have never wore a cast :) haha i was playing soccer last p-day and i guess one of the other adults wasn't happy that i kept blocking his shots so he came at me a little agressively and the outcome was a broken thumb :) haha but no worries. The doc said i got in soon enough so everything should heal up just perfect. maybe send a few extra prayers my way but im sure things will be all good soon :) ill get to wear this fancy splint for the next little while though. But it has actually been a super great conversation starter. People are always like- wow did you get hurt? and i tease and say no i just wore it cuz i thought it was a good addition to my style and the laugh and then ask how it happened, i tell them soccer, and then they laugh and are like don't you know youre supposed to play soccer with your feet, and i laugh and am like ya my mom told me that and i guess i should listen to her huh? mom always nows best! :) as a matter of fact my mom is awesome she is the one who helped me get out here to Korea. and then they are like oh what are you doing here in korea and then i go right into im a missionary and it is a great way to start a discussion about families and the way they bless us and then get into how the gospel blesses families! :) anyways things are going well over here in good ole Korea! :) at this point i don't even remember what america looks or feels like. haha :) but the work is going well. The ward is really starting to pick up on missionary work. This next week all the auxillary groups are going to come up with goals and plans for how they will work to do member missionary work :) Anyways keep praying for our investigators. We have a few who are really close to entering that path that leads to eternal life :) Particularly pray for 최종헌 형제님과 정총국 형제님 :) {Brother Chwey Jong Hun, and Brother Jeong Chong Gook} If you would i would be ever so grateful! :) haha anyways sure love you all and hope all is going well! Im praying for you!!!!
비글러 장로

Nice thumb!

Burgers and soda!!

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