Sunday, April 27, 2014


hey everyone!!! wow im already back here emailing again....time just doesn't slow down :)
haha sadly due to the fact that they don't really  celebrate easter here in korea i almost forgot that yesterday was easter until one of the members reminded me :) haha so me and my companion spent some time today during companionship study singing all the easter songs in the hymn book....there is only three, but it was still fun! haha. But this week we were so blessed to get to meet several new investigators. Some super cool new ones that i am definitely looking forward to getting to spend more time with. But the biggest miracle of this week was probably when one of our investigators called us and said he had finished reading the scripture assignment we had given him (2Nephi31) and that he wanted to meet that night. We met him at the church, and he actually brought a friend with him that he referred to us and said that he had read the scripture and that he knew he needed to get baptized. So we were able to set some goals with him and help him to prepare to take that step. It was just soooooo cool to see how powerful the book of mormon is in conversion. It is truely the keystone of our religion and man truly can get closer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book.
As always things are going well :) today is my companions birthday! happy birthday 박인오! haha and we are working just as crazy as ever. Family you remember the 21 day program you guys were doing with the missionaries there and how well it was going? Well i took the liberty of adjusting it a bit and translating it into korean and we are now doing it here with our members and they are loving it! :) keep them in your prayers as they look for people to share the gospel with! Anywas some thing i have really learned recently is the importance of managing time :) This is the lord's work, and this is his time, so i need to spend it his way and as effective as possible :) i have been blessed this past few weeks to learn some super great principles of leadership and balancing time. I think it is so interesting how much of a factor time is in everything. Appointment times, time based goals, lunch and dinner times (haha) etc.... but if one truly masters how to dicipline themselves and use their time to only do great things, and not merely just good things...they can truly accomplish so much more :) anyways this week as you all go out thing about how you are spending your time. Is the way youre spending your time the way Jesus Christ would have spent his time in your situation? :) anyways i love you all and am praying for you every day! :) I hope you all see tons of miracles and have tons of opportunities to share your testimonies with everyone! :) HAve a great week!
비글러 장로

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Angels among us

Haha dang i feel like i was just writing my last weekly letter like a day ago.....dang missionary life is like a goes by way to fast!  so i am starting yet another transfer this not really sure which transfer it is and i dont really have time to stop and figure it out :) haha but this week was absolutely amazing as always. The members here in 전주 are starting to get excited about missionary work and with conference coming up this next week (In korea we watch it a week later than the rest of the world ;)) every one is looking forward to hearing the prophets words and learning how we can all grow closer to Christ. So with the new transfer starting my zone is changing a lot :) and im really excited that there will be another korean in the house. it will be me and my korean companion with elder smith and his korean companion....basically we aren't planning on speaking english ever this transfer so i am definitely looking forward to it! :) haha as if my english hasn't already gotten bad...i can only imagine how bad it will be after this....well pray for me to not loose my english, that would be embarrassing :) anyways things are going well right now here :) we have found several new investigators and they are progressing quickly. We also have been working super hard to re activate as many members as we can find. We were blessed to find 2 less active families this week and help them start back on the path. Anyways as always i am so amazed about how much I can learn from the lord in such a short amount of time. One of the greatest blessings i have felt recently is how i have been able to feel the promptings of the holy ghost more clearly. I feel like i have been able to learn so much through scripture study, investigator appointments, and trainings through the holy ghost and i am so very grateful to my father in heaven for guiding me and helping me to learn. I feel so blessed to know the Lord is on my side, there supporting me every day. As his child i have been able to feel angels surround me, supporting me, and guiding me through the struggles of life. Our lord is so merciful, so full of grace and so magnificent. I feel so inadequite and so blessed to be able to serve under his name. This is the lords work and i am so grateful to be a part of it! :) i hope you all feel the lords love as you go throughout this week and that you too can feel the angels he has sent to give you strength as well! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Bigler
hey dad here is my letter to pres :)
안녕하세요 회장님! 이 번 주 시간이 별로 없기 때문에 짧게 해야 할 것 같는 데 이번 주 아주 좋아했고 많이 배울수있었어요. 매일 하나님한테 계시를 받을수있으니까 정말 기뻐합니다. 결과로 요즘에의 시간이 지내면서 제가 더욱 더 하나님께 가까이 되고 있는 느낌을 받고 있어요. 선교사업하는 동앙 제가 더욱 더 강하고 분명하게 성신의 인도를 듣고 따를수있으니까 정말 제가 제 하늘에 계신 아버지께 감사를 드리고 싶습니다. 또한 이러한 느낌을 받으므로써 제가 더욱 더 효과적 더욱 더 열심히 봉사하고 싶은 소망을 받고 있어요. 매일 하나님께 더 드리고 싶고 하나님으로부터 지식을 더욱 더 받고 싶어요. 이 번 주 제가 우리 존 회원 분들을 위한 소개 프러그렘 만들었고 전주 존 회원 분들이 조금 더 활동적으로 회원 선교사업을 하겠기를 바랍니다. 
우리 전주 존은 계속해서 최선을 다하고 하나님한테 기적을 볼것입니다! 회장님께서 아무때나 필요한 것이 있으신다면 말씀해 주시기를 바랍니다. 늘 회장님을 위해 기도하고 있고 늘 제 최선을 할 것입니다.
비글러 장로

{FYI - his Korean is getting good, and... Google translate never gets it right... Don't waste your time :)!}