Monday, March 17, 2014

Time flys... Already 20

Hey everyone! :) Dang time is flying by sooooo fast!!!! It is crazy to think i am already 20!!! Weird! Anyways this week has been awesome! For the last 3 days straight it was raining, and while it is beautiful it makes it hard to missionary work outside :) But luckily the lord blessed us with many appointments so that we could continue to be effective and not have to worry to much about getting our feet wet :) haha anyways things are going super well! I don't think i have ever felt so busy in my life :) haha but i definiltey enjoy every single moment of it :) My Korean is definitely getting better! :) Being with my companion often has definitley helped :) right now i am teaching him english cuz he wants to go to BYU and he is helping me with my korean! :) its a win-win situation :) Sadly cuz we are constantly having to do splits, meetings, and other stuff around the zone we don't get a ton of time to teach eachother but its ok :) we are still learning a ton everyday! The lord is definiltey teaching me so much everyday!!!! Everyday i look back and realize how much i have learned in just a short amount of time...haha and then i look ahead.....WOW I still have a TON to learn! :) but hey, the lord is blessing me and helping every step of the way. I feel so loved to know that he knows me personally, that he is aware of my every moment, that he watches over me, guides me, and trusts me enough to make my own desicions, and then through those disicions as i make mistakes he feels me with his love and support so that i can overcome those things and become the true man he needs me to be. This work is amazing. Truly only through the service of the lord can we find who we truly are. I love you all so much and hope that as you go about your daily lives you feel the lords love for you, and find strength to overcome all the trials in your life. I know that through our Lord we truly can do all things. He loves us all so much, more than we could ever understand! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!!!!:) 
비글러 장로

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