Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little late but great!

So he sent this during the week while I was in Guatemala, I had poor connection there so I couldn't get it on the Blog until today, sorry it's late, but it's worth the wait, enjoy! - 

Hey everyone!!!! wow can't believe i am emailing again, even after having an extra long week between pdays :) haha and i can't believe it is already mother's day next week!!!! this past week there were two big holidays here in Korea...just like usual, when there is a holiday in korea the whole country practically stops to take a break :) its pretty cool actually and a wonderful opportunity to get to meet tons of families all together :) we were blessed to get to meet two super cool new families. :) anyways the week is sure moving on! Something i noticed this week is that it is definitely true how as people start making the decision to follow Christ that Satan works even harder. It always makes me feel good when things start to get harder, it kind of reinforces the fact that i am doing the right thing. If Satan doesn't want me to make good choices than i can't imagine he would make it very easy as we choose them. But every time we make those decisions we make it further and further up the mountain of life. Going up isn't easy, but it is certainly always worth it! The disaster with the boat was definitely a big trail for the people here. But i am so grateful for the plan of salvation. I was thinking the other day about how being in life is like sitting in a big testing center at college. Taking the test is hard but as time passes on people start finishing the test and getting up and walking out. When this happens it is almost like an added pressure to those still taking the test. They feel as though the questions get harder and harder as they become one of the last few still in the testing center. But as soon as they finish the test they get up and walk out and it is finished. They now see all the other friends who finished first. Those who finished first and walked out didn't struggle anymore with the test, but those still taking the test struggled more. Just like in life as this life moves along, people we love and care about move on. It becomes harder on us...but if we will remember the plan, and that for them they are in a better place, and that we too will join them soon as soon as we have finished our own test. if we remember this i feel as though it is quite a huge comfort to those of us still 'taking the test'. This test is such a short time in the grand scheme of things. Remembering the Big picture....this is our time to prepare to meet God. He is with us as we take this test and he is waiting to wrap his arms around us as soon as we finish. I can't wait for that day when i am able to see my savior again! and i hope i can help as many people taking this life's test right now to find that same hope and perspective that will bring such a light to this life. I feel so grateful to be here serving! everyday i learn so much! :) im not sure if any of you will recognize me when i get back or not! I have been blessed to have to many life learning experiences which have really strengthened my testimony and have definitely helped me to see the world in a whole new light! Miracles exist. God Lives and Loves us. And he really does support us through this life, and guides and strengthens us everyday. I am so grateful to be able to serve! I hope you all have a wonderful week! youre in my prayers!
비글러 장로

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