Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friends before

wow it has been a crazy busy week! :) haha we have had so much to do lately it is hard to get a second to sit down and process everything that has been going on. haha im definiltey learning on a ton everyday, no surprise there right? haha i definitely still have a ton more to learn! This week we had zone conference with our zone and tons of lessons. Me and my new companion 박재우 are going around to all investigators and previous investigators and working to find those who have been prepared by the lord. Right now we have 3 investigators in particular that we are really focusing on so if you could add them to your prayers that would be grately appreciated. They're names are 최정헌 (Choi Cheung Heun) 박건후 (Pak Geun Hoo) and 최현일 (Choi Heun Eeil). and it looks like there should be a few more names to add to that list after this next week :) right now we have about 20 investigators in our area, but most of them don't acutally have a lot of interest in the gospel; simply they have a lot of interest in learning english and finding out why a white guy from america can speak korean. haha but we are working really hard to spark interest in them and get them to progress to their father in heaven. Anyways there is definiltey a ton of work to be done here and im loving ever single moment of it. I have been able to get close with several of  the ward members here and they are just awesome. Often i feel like new people i meet are actually people i have been friends with for a long time before, and considering i have never lived in Korea before, i can't help but think that we were friends before this life. It is a constant reminder of how we are all connected and sons of daughters of our father in heaven. we all lived, grew up, and learned together before, and it is our job to find our brothers and sisters who are searching to find the path back to our father and help them along the way. It is such an amazing experience! Being a missionary is such a huge blessing. :) if anyone is searching for a way to get closer to their savior, do missionary work with all your heart :) it is the most amazing feeling to be able to share the gospel with others and feel the love of your father in heaven working through you. :) anyways i sure love you all and hope you all have a great week!
비글러 장로

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