Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1st email & MTC Pics

Below is the first e-mail from Tyler since he entered the MTC, See his pictures below:

Hey everyone!!!
How's everyone doing? Hopefully everyone has been keeping out of trouble. It's my first P-Day and I already feel like Ive been here for a long time. I think I have all the schedule and rules down. There are definitely a lot to remember. The picture above is me and my companion, Elder Chow. I'm also going to send a picture of me and the other companions in my room. We are getting to know eachother really well and are definitely having a lot of fun! Elder Chow is from Seattle Washington and is chinese, portuguese, hawaiin, and italian. Just look above and you'll see he is a whole rainbow of races. He is super fun and we are a pretty great companionship. Together we have been teaching an investigator. The first day was a bit of a bust because we couldn't hardly understand a single word she said. The next couple meetings got a little better. We are starting to be able to communicate. The Korean language definitely isn't very easy. I heard here at the MTC that people who get state side mission calls get called to learn the gospel. People who get spanish speaking missions get called to learn the language. And people who get called to an Asian speaking mission get called to learn humility. I definitely never felt so inadequate in my life :)lol. But although it is a struggle it is definitely worth it. Every time I learn a bit of a conversation it feels like a major accomplishment and I already feel like I have prayed more in the last 6 days then I had before in my whole life. I definitely have gotten to know my savior in a way that I am unable to describe. I know for a fact that he is there and he is supporting us every step of our lives. There would be no way I could be learning the way I am if it wasn't for the spirit being my strongest companion in every single lesson. I feel like I am learning in a way I never did before. Every concept is ten times more powerful than it would have been having just learned it at home. I am so grateful to know that my savior cares so much for me. On Sunday all of our lessons were centered on the Atonement of Christ. I don't think I ever understood it before the way I do now. Christ was more than just a big brother and more than just a Savior and Redeemer. He was the only one who could pay the price to save us and make it possible for God to remain a perfect God in the universe that maintained justice while still being able to extend mercy to all the inhabitants of the earth. Through Christ's grace I feel a love that is more powerful than anything I have felt before. I know that he wants to take all my pains away from me but he cares so much that he is willing to pay the price and still let us feel the guilt so that we can grow and become as God is. The plan is more than perfect and I am so glad I am a part of it. Remember that Christ will forever carry us, all we have to do is ask and we shall receive, or knock and every door that God knows is best for us will be opened.
I love you all and hope you are all doing great. I can't wait to hear from you. FYI letters are amazing and they always bring comfort on long days.
Elder Bigler

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