Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5 update

Hey everyone! Wow another week has flown bye! Sorry if my English is getting a little rusty. I try to not speak it very often! :) So this week has been crazy. So I had to go into the doctor and I got some kind of interesing infection which ended keeping me inside for a bit but things are better now! :) But in the midst of it all Heavenly father still blessed us tremedously. Every evening I always had enough energy to get out and go to our appointments. This week we have met with some awesome people. We made 2 more new investigators so things are super busy. This next week we are just trying to get everyone scheduled so we can meet with everyone! I am super excited! :) We have a few investigators who are progressing really well and I just can't wait to go meet with them! I am growing so close to them all and I am starting to get really close with the ward as well it is awesome! I go to church and feel like a celebrity and love all these people, God has truly blessed us so very much! Oh by the way dad do you remember a 조경순 자매님? Haha she remembers you! She served in the same zone with you I think, anyways she was super excited when she found out I was your son, she started pullin out pictures of you baptising people and just pictures with you in them, haha it was awesome, and now we are just super close with that family! Her husband is a man named 구장아 and he is just a stud. He is our member that comes with us to meet with one of our investigators and he is just awesome. Turns out the investigator was his best friend in Highschool and so things are just going super smoothly and the investigator is progressing so quickly it is awesome! Well aside from that this next week my first companion goes home! So crazy how fast time flies! And we are awaiting transfer calls so Ill let you all know what I hear. I get the feelin like I am stayin in 천안 but we will see! Anyways I hope all is going well! I love you so much! thanks for everything! Thanks for the prayers and keep sending letters! I love getting to hear from people! Love ya all!

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