Monday, October 28, 2013

Miracles in every-day life


Hey everyone! :) wow this week has flown by! Things are super busy just as always but things are just as awesome as ever! :) I am super excited to get to serve with Elder Williams again. We are quite the dynamic duo! :) This last week we have been super busy running around helping members, teaching investigators, doing trainings, and helping ward activities! :) I am exaughsted but I was very grateful the Lord blessed me to always have the strength I needed to keep going! :) This week something I have definitley gained a greater understanding and appreciation is the power of prayer and fasting. As a mission right now we are doing a 40day fast and through it I have already seen several miracles! Investigators that weren't making big steps before have started progressing and it is just so exciting to see it all happening! :) Recently I have noticed that if we will do everything that we need to do and then rely 100% on the lord and realize that despite what happens it was His will we can see so many miracles. I feel like since having come out on my mission my eyes have been opened so much more to just how many miracles are around us every single day. Often times it is easy to see the big miracles, such as an investigator excepting a baptismal commitment, or someone being healed from a horrible disease. But often it is the little day to day miracles that we just don't really notice that make a big difference in our life. I really liked the talk at conference about how sometimes the blessings that come from tithing aren't always seen in big ways, but are giving through health and otherways that we just don't realize as much. As I have recently tried to make it a point to recognize more miracles in my day to day life I have realized just how much the Lord gives me everyday. I am truly humbled by his greatness, mercy, and love! I am so glad to be able to be his servant and to be able to work in constant companionship with his Holy Ghost. I learn so much every day and I am so grateful for that wonderful knowledge and blessings he has given me! I hope this letter finds you all happy and well and I hope you will all be able to find the joy and happiness I have felt from our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. And remember that when someone converts their life and receives baptism. They aren't converting to our church, they are converting to Christ. I challenge you to make Christ the center of your testimony. Build your foundation on the rock, our Redeemer, a foundation whereon if man build they cannot fall. I know this is Christ's Gospel, his Church, and that he is the way, the path and the light. This knowledge has brought so much strength to my life and I am so grateful for it! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Bigler

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