Monday, December 9, 2013

He Lives!

A note: you should know that prior to this letter Tyler was notified of his Grandfather Martin's passing.

안녕하십니까? ^,^ Wow another week has come and gone so fast! This week was crazy busy. We were running around all over the place saying bye to people, and introducing ourselves to people :) haha Elder Williams is now down in 목포 and it sounds like he is doing great. It is definitely weird not having him around now after being together for so long. haha but my new companion is great! His name is Elder Hill, fresh out of the MTC :) He is from Sandy, Utah, a football player and already a great missionary. It has been super fun getting to know him and already seeing the changes in him! First picking him up reminded me of when I first got to Korea, haha a fun little flash back. Weird thing is that it feels like that was just last week. But really the weird thing is realizing that in 3 days I already have hit my year mark! Holy cow the mission is a total time warp it feels like. haha. But every moment has been amazing. I have learned so much and grown so much. And I am so grateful to have this experience. It is so amazing to feel the true joy and happiness and comfort that can only be found in the gospel. I have certainly come to feel the power of God's plan this week and am so grateful to have such a wonderful heavenly father who knows us all individually and truly wants us all to return to his presence. :) Everyone I know for a fact that God is aware of our every needs. Often we feel like we are alone, pinned against a wall, in a hopless situation, or weighed by doubt and disbelief. I know from my own experiences through my life that there are times that one may think things are too much to handle, or wondering if we really are all on our own. But i add my testimony to that of the prophet Joseph Smith and so many more before him. Christ lives, I know he does. I have felt his love, his mercy, his grace, and his light in my life in such a way that just could never be described. He will not leave us alone. He walks the rock filled path of life with every one of us, there reaching out to us when we slip and fall. His love, his atonement, his grace brothers and sisters truly is sufficient, and infinite. He loves us so much and he will always be there for us. I know for many back at home there have been struggles, tears shed, and achy hearts. But our father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ are with you. They love you so much and they will never let you be alone. I love the oh so comforting words, he lives, he truly lives. Through Christ I know all things are possible. He morns with us in our struggles, takes upon himself our infirmaties, and is the source of strength when within us there is none. I love you all so much and am so grateful to know that the lord is with you! With all my love i wish you a good week and look forward to hearing from you again :)
Elder Bigler

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