Sunday, December 15, 2013

Diligence and hope... And pics!

Hey everyone! it has been another amazing week here in korea and things are working just as great as ever! We have been so blessed and are seeing so many miracles that there is no other explanation, this is the lord's work!!!!:) And i am so grateful to be a part of it! Sorry i don't have a lot of time today but i just wanted to share a little insight for the week. Some thing I have been looking at and focusing on this week is the relationship between two of Christ's marvelous attributes. The first being diligence, and the second being hope. This week I have been really thinking about both of these and instead of working to apply them separately in my life i decided to pair them and gain experience through how they work together. Wow have I learned a ton this week :) With diligence i thiink of the work persistance. And i feel like this goes along super well with hope. For without hope, how can we continue through the struggles as we fight with all our might to over come our weaknesses. And second with a greater understanding of hope and desire ( as i feel that these two are directly related as well) comes a greater aptitude, a great source of power, in our ability to grow and become more than we already are. This relationship of diligence and hope have brought a lot of strength into my life this past week. But one thing i would like to mention also, as we proceed with persistance and diligence our mind, and spirit become more focused to the hope and desire we are seeking to reach. We become like a snowball going down a steep snowy hill. As we work hard, with faith and hope we become a growing force that moves foward building on itself with increasing speed. I guess what i am getting at, never let something that comes into your life, a struggle or difficulty come in to put a shadow on your light of hope. Hold dear to your faith and let your light shine and when the darkness comes to try to over take your light, burn bright, with hope, and diligence to overcome it and the blessings that will come thereafter will yeild strength, confidence, brighter hope, and a stronger faith. Friends and Family i know our savior lives, he loves us, and he knows we make mistakes. We need not be down when we make mistakes, but instead push on with faith, for you too can know with an assurity that through Christ you can be made perfect. You can be made clean, and you can return to live with your father in heaven. My testimony is that he loves us, he is with us and as we exercise diligence and hope and faith in him we can accomplish amazing things even amongst the darkest of nights. I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you have done for me! I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Bigler

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