Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

It was wonderful to Skype with Tyler for Christmas, what a treat! He looked good and sounded great! His Korean has come along amazingly, I'm sure he'll have to give me some pointers now! Here is his New Year letter, thankfully he didn't make translate the whole thing! Enjoy!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!! 와 이미 새해요???? 시간이 토끼보다 갔어요! (The time has passed faster than a rabbit) 한 일년 전 제가 MTC에서 있었지만 지금 한국 백성 가운데 예수 그리스도의 충만한 복음을 전파하고 있어요!  (A year ago I was in the MTC now I'm in the midst of the Korean people proclaiming the true gospel of Jesus  Christ!) 작년 많이 배웠는 데 금년에 더 배울거에요!!!! (I've learned a lot this past year, and will continue to learn this year!!!) Ok ill switch into english so dad doesn't have to translate my whole letter :) but be ready dad im plannin on sending one in korean soon :) haha anyways things here are going just as awesome as ever! The ward has set up tons of goals and plans for how to do better missionary work and have committed that it wont turn into a 용두사미! (korean for a big start and a small finish i.e Dragons head lizards tail.) I think that that is probably the most important thing about goals that i have learned this year. I wish i had more time to talk about it all. This week i really ran out of time fast cuz i had to take care of a few things that came up mid email time :) haha so ill have to send more next time. But I just wanted to wish everyone a super amazing year and share a secret i have learned  this year that has really made me learn a ton! :) The secret to goals, and accomplishing more than you thought possible. Step one assess your resources. Step two determine how far you can get with your resources. Step three pray about it and tell your goal to God. Step four refine your goal to the goal God wants you to acheive( because you forgot that your greatest resource is the power of God that will be with you :)) Step five break down your goal into smaller goals that are easy to measure on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Step six set up some form of accountability, whether that be with a friend, parent, leader (basically anyone you trust). Then get down on your knees and give your commitment to God and hold yourself accountable to him. Step 8 start right away towards accomplishing it. Step 9 measure completion of your goals often and give constant gratitute to leaders, parents and particularly God. And Finally set a new goal to start towards the next thing right before you finish your goal so that you are constantly growing and become more :) It is easier to keep a train going then to get it going again after it has stopped :) Anyways i love you all so much and hope you have an amazing new year! I wish you all good luck on your goals and can't wait to see us all together at the point of our biggest goal. Returning to our father in heaven to live with him forever! :)
사랑으로 (Love)
비글러 장로! (Elder Bigler)

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