Friday, January 17, 2014

True relationships and Pics!

Oh my goodness this week flew by soooooo fast! its crazy! We got transfer calls today! I am so blessed to get to stay here again with Elder Hill! :) We are so busy and have so much going, i can't wait to see what this transfer brings! :) also to make it even better! A korean is coming to be companions with the other elder in my house! You know what that means?....I am only speaking korean every day this transfer!!!!:) 대박!!!! hahah anyways things are going so great over here! We have been so blessed! The ward here is the best! And i can't wait to serve with them more! Something i have been reflecting on this week is how powerful relationships are. In korea, as i have probably mentioned before, relationships(particularly 정) is extrememly important. I have been so blessed to have been able to met, be around, associate, create friendships, and be surrounded by such amazing friends and family! One of the greatest blessings our father in heaven gives us is our family. They play such an essential role in our lives, who we become, how we cope with challenges, and can be our source of faith, hope, strength, love, and companionship. So much strength then comes from whom we associate with ourselves.  whom can we trust? To whom can we turn to? Whom shall we rely on? Consequently these are all questions we face in our lives amongst our challenges, our struggles, and times of need. Often times the answers to these questions can cause tramatic differences upon the outcome of our future. I have seen this so much! Particularly since having come out on my mission. First in how people have influenced and guided me to making this choice to come and experience all the blessings that come from a mission, and secondly to see how other people (investigators and members) here constantly turn to others in time of need. I have such a strong testimony! the answer to these questions undoubtably are Christ! We can always trust him, we can always turn to him, and we can always rely on him. He has become my base and it has brought so much joy and strength to my life and i know it can bring so much joy and strength to the lives of all of those around the world! He always knows what is best for us! He understands the big picture so carefully! As i have come to rely on him so much every day i have been able to come closer to him, to realize his tender mercies on a more day to day basis. I have been strengthened and edified by his love! I am so grateful to have been able to come on a mission. It has opened my eyes to something much more wonderful, something much more desirable than anything simply this world can offer. As we all make steps through our lives let us make ever step in the footsteps of our lord. For he is our shepard and he knows the way back to eternal joy! I love you all so much and hope you are blessed in your endeavours as well as your advent to creating a stronger relationship with your father in heaven and your brother, even Jesus Christ!
Love you All!
Elder Bigler

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