Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Second generation... Carrying on!!!

hey everyone! holy cow this week has been amazing! Its so amazing to see what the windows of heaven bring to our lives every week! So I didn't get transfered :) I am still here in 중앙! 얘!!! and my comp is still elder Hill! we are being blessed here so much and so when i called president and asked him to please let me stay one more he said ok one more but ill have to leave after that:) YES!!!! haha awh i love this ward! I have been here for so long and seen so many miracles and growth in both people and the ward in general! :) but guess what! so this week one of the elders got transfered out and a Korean moved into the house. his name is 김영찬 장로님. and the coolest thing!!!!...... his dad is 김용태! I know all of you guys are like no big deal... i dont know who that is....haha but catch this.....김용태 was my dad's companion when he served here in korean 20 years ago!!!! so sweet!!!!! :) awh 김영찬 is already like a best friend to me! he is so great! and it is so cool to see us in the same house he and i being the eldest son of our fathers who served together as APs here! so crazy! :) haha anyways....well this week has been great! the ward is absolutely amazing and we are learning so much. It is going to be so hard to leave here in a few weeks when the next transfer comes. I have grown and learned a ton here! anyways i hope you all have an amazing week and remember that our heavenly father knows everything he is with us every moment of everyday and no matter what he is going to take care of us and give us what he knows is best for us. Everyone of us comes to points in our lives where we face several doors, not sure which one we should open, or where to go. Let us all follow our savior, take the doors he opens for us, and continue with faith, and diligence. For through him we truly can do all things. Through him we truly can return to live with our father in heaven and our families for ever! I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!
비글러 장로

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