Monday, February 3, 2014

Chinese New Years

Hey everyone!!!! Wow this week just flew by! In America im sure this week is very exciting considering it all led up to the super bowl. Here in Korea it was all super exciting as well :) but for a slightly different celebration. In korea there are two super big holidays. 추석 {Korean Thanksgiving} and 설날 {New Years day - it was Chineese New Years this past week}. The whole country pretty much shuts down for these two holidays. Well this past week was 설날. So from about last wednesday til today the whole country practically shut down :) haha and what do all these Korean's do on these holidays? EAT! haha EAT EAT EAT and play a few games and do some cool cultural things called 재사 and 세배. Anyways it was a super cool experience! We spent most of the time with various member families. Eating tons of food, playing some unique korean games, and enjoying every moment! It was such a cool experience. Anyways aside from 살날 this week was awesome. I definitely have had several opportunities to learn and grow in ways i never thought would happen. Its amazing how the Lord works. He knows us all so much better than we know ourselves. He know exactly what we need, and when we need it in order to learn. When praying for mountains to climb the lord brings experiences and opportunities into our life to strengthen us, to increase our dependence on him, and to find true peace and solice in the rest of our Lord. I am so grateful to know that he loves me, is always there for me, and will forever be my strength. I hope as you all go on this week you remember what great things the lord has done for you in your life. Hold on to his grace, his love, his mercy, and his infinite atoning sacrifice. Through him we can accomplish all things, and through him we can all return to live with our father in heaven and become even as he is. Pure, just, all-knowing, loving, and full of grace. Oh how i wish i could be like my father in heaven. His example and his guidance are so perfect, and i am so grateful for all he has done for me! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
비글러 장로 

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