Monday, February 17, 2014


Enjoy! {added by Dad}

Wow time is passing by way to fast!  haha. This week has been super crazy. So for the last month or so we have been showering in water that dances back and forth from super cold to kinda warm and back to super cold. Kinda a fun adventure every morning. haha but this past week our boiler pretty much exploded on the inside and all warm water completely disappeared! haha definitley woke us up every morning getting to shower in that. but we finally got everything figured out friday and now WARM WATER!!! dang i have never realized before how much of a convenience it is to have a warm shower in the mornings. Anyways aside from that adventure this week was huge of disappointments and miracles. I definitley have come to know the Lord is truly aware of us. so this past sunday we were supposed to have a baptism for a super super awesome investigator. his name is 김진솔 {Kim, Jin Sole}. He was super golden. Even quit his job so that he could come out to church and get baptized. We had everything all lined up and were all super excited....then about 2 weeks ago we got a text from him saying hey sorry some things have come up ill text you later. and then nothing....nothing for 2 weeks straight. his baptism date came and disappeared. We called him, no answer, texted him, no reply, knocked his door, and no one was ever there. I was certainly confused. How could someone so golden and so ready just disappear like that? a week ago on the sunday he was supposed to come i went to church slightly down in spirits. I thought i must have said something, must have messed something up. I had been praying so hard. I knew that i only had 3 weeks left in my area because president had told me that he would move me next transfer and i really wanted to leave the ward with something special before i left. I love this ward so much and at this point i i didn't know what to do. I got to church and walked into the 예비실 (what do you call that in america? the worship room?) {Chappell} anyways i walked in and when i walked in one of my favorite members came up to me. Her name is 장이 자매님 {sister Jang Ie} and she is basically my korean mom! She is so awesome and has helped us so much. Anyways she came up to me and was like Elder Bigler Elder Bigler come here!!! I asked her whats up, everything ok? her reply, i brought my dad to church! He is 89 years old and hasn't been baptized. I have been working with him, and he is completely ready for the lessons. Completely ready was an understatement! HE IS COMPLETELY GOLDEN! And it just so turns out, not only is he 장이 자매님's dad but he is also the grandfather of our ward mission leader! Truly an answer to my prayers! he is now preparing to be baptized and has already prepare several names of family members whom have passed away to do temple work for them! he is so amazing! So that huge miracle came after the loss of 김진솔 {Kim, Jin Sole} but that wasnt the end. On friday nightI got a text. 김진솔!!!!!! he called me and said sorry he had to go on a sudden trip that came up and left his phone with his sister because she needed to borrow it. He said he was soooo sorry and with little hope in his eyes asked me if he could still be baptized. We made arrangements and he will be baptized this week! Please keep him in your prayers! Anyways truly a week full of miracles. I know the lord is with us all and his timing is better than ours. He knows our desires and wants us to experience true, everlasting joy! I hope you all can feel his love and know he is always there for you! I hope you have a wonderful week and love you all!
비글러 장로

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