Monday, February 24, 2014

Baptism, Thank you for the prayers

Enjoy!!! {Translations by Dad}

Hey everyone!!! Wow this crazy has been absolutely amazing, crazy, and wow it flew bye. Haha anyways it was an absolutely wonderful baptism on friday with 김진솔 {Kim Jin Sool}thank you all so much for all the prayers. And he was able to bare his testimony to 3 other investigators and it was awesome. They all came out to church and are showing some really great interest in the Church. I feel so blessed to have been able to serve here in 중앙{Joong-ong} ward! It has been a roller coaster....moment after moment of learning experiences, miracles, and joy. It definitely is hard saying goodbye. I feel like this ward has become my family, and i am so grateful i have gotten to know all of them. Anyways long story short we got transfer calls today! :) My new are.....전주{Jeon Ju}! For those of you who don't know Korea....전주 {Jeon Ju}is the city i am in :) haha i am switching wards and boundaries but will be in the same city!!!:) I am so excited i have already been able to meet a lot of the ward members in 전주 and they are all awesome :) i can't wait to get to serve with them. My new companion....박인호 장로님 {Elder Pac In Hoe}! A KOREAN!!!!:) I am so excited! I haven't been able to serve with a korean companion since my first transfer in korea and that was only for 4 weeks so i am definitely looking forward to getting to serve with him and he is an awesome missionary so it is going to be so great! Also turns out that Elder Paskett, our zone leader, got called to be the new Assistant to President!! he is going to be so great! He has helped and taught me so much! He used to be companions with 박인호 장로님{Pac In Hoe}. So Ill be moving to 전주 {Jeon Ju}to take his place. And looks like ill get to learn a ton more as the new zone leader. I can't wait to see what the next few transfer has to bring. I am so grateful for this opportunity to get to learn and grow! it will definitely be a learning experience, but i can't wait to start on the new adventure. Anyways all in all i don't have a lot of time to email today because i have to go get packed but I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thankyou so much for the prayers and advice from all of you! I am so grateful to know that the Lord is watching over each one of you and I pray that he is with every one of us as we take on the challenges that present themselves in this life. I know that through God we can do all things. Without him we are nothing, but through him there is no task to big; nothing we cannot overcome. May the windows of heaven continue to be opened to this world, that we may marvel at the wonderous blessings from our father and savior. All my love- Elder Bigler

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