Monday, October 27, 2014

Final goals... and blessings

Wow this week has gone by so fast and i have truly been so blessed. I don't have a lot of time so  ill make today's email breif but this past week has been amazing! :) so i set my goals for my last transfer a couple weeks ago and as time has been going by i have been really wondering how on earth i would be able to accomplish these goals. Ill be honest i was starting to get a little down towards the end of last week. The one that was particularly bothering me was that i had made it a goal to baptize one more person before i got home and long story short there wasn't anyone they we could find that would be able to get baptized in that time. I had been searching and asking members and praying harder than ever it seemed. and nothing was happening. last week i was starting to have the sad thought that i ddidn't think i would be able to accomplish that goal and that i would simply have to do everything i could to accomplish my remaining goals. But then i got a phone call. :) one of my old investigators from Daejeon committed to get baptized!!! IN 3 days!!!!! And not only that but he said He had to get baptized  by me and that he didn't want anyone else to baptize him :) anyways president gave me permission to make the 3 and a half hour trip up to daejeon to baptize him last saturday! and it was just an amazing experience all the way around! Just a testiment to me that even though it may not be the way we expect it to happen, the lord will always answer our prayers. :) anyways i truly have been blessed. and i know i have so much more that i still need to get done and that is simply one of my goals i wanted to accomplish but i am so grateful to the lord for all the blessing he has given to me! :) anyone i hope you all have an amazing week and remember the many tender mercies of the lord are with us every day. Usually not the way that we think but he is with us and will always answer our prayers! :) I lov eyou all!!!!:) 
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