Thursday, October 16, 2014

Time is flying... Lots to learn!

... haha its sure crazy how fast time is flying by. I still feel like i have so much to learn and do....haha wish me luck :) gotta become the man the lord needs me to be! anyways things here are going well :) we have been doing a ton of street contacting lately. haha it has been so fun to get to meet a whole variety of different types of people and hear their stories and talk with them and share our unique and wonderful message to them. some accept and seek to learn more and many refuse, but in the end i feel so blessed to know that the lord loves each and everyone of them and continues to give opportunities that they too might find the joy and happiness that comes from this message. so thats that but the highlight of my week was definitley conference. im sooo jealous you guys got to see it a week before me. but wasn't it absolutely amazing! :) so many of the answers i was looking for! :) The thing that really stuck out to me is how when we truly seek for the witness from the spirit, that the lord will give us that witness so that we can know for ourselves of the truthfullness of everything being taught. anyways things here are going well :) the work is going and the Lord is leading us everyday. im learning a ton and am looking forward to learning so much more. I sure love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
비글러 장로

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