Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prep to leave MTC

Hey everyone! :) So this week has been crazy as ever! :) The MTC is filling up like crazy and it is so cool to see the big influx in missionaries! This is truly a marvelous work and a wonder and I am so grateful to be a part of it! :) We have been very busy this past week learning tons of 한국말, as well as making sure all necessary things are in place for us to fly out in 11 days!!!:) WOOT WOOT I am so excited I can't wait to get to Korea and serve! :) It is so cool to see how everything is falling into place and that we are actually preparing to go, I don't know if it has really hit me yet but I am going to KOREA!!!:) hahaha. Anyways how is everything back at home! I hear Spencer won his science fair! That a way brother!!!:) You'll have to take several pictures and explain how it works so I can experience it with you all :) It sounds very cool! So how is everything else back on the home-front? I'm sure they are crazy busy :) Keep up the great work everyone, you're all amazing and I am so proud of everything you do! :)

So I am starting to see more and more familiar faces here at the MTC! It is so cool to see so many people I know coming together to serve our Father in Heaven and share this wonderful message of hope and joy to the world! :) 

The excitement and spirit felt here at the MTC is so very cool! Every day I am reminded just how much our heavenly father cares about each and everyone of us individually! :) It is so cool to see his hand in this work. There is no doubt in my mind that our Heavenly Father loves each of us and wants to do everything he can to both help us and lead us back to return to him. This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to hear a talk by Elder Ballard entitled, "Characters of Christ." The talk was so powerful and amazing! :) It has definitely brought me to a whole new level of understanding of how much 예수 그리스도 (Jesus Christ) loves each of us. It is truly a love that can be felt by all those who are struggling. I know he has felt each of our pains and he is with us through every challenge we may face. If we will turn to him for comfort and peace I know we will be able to feel it and he will help us. I am so grateful to know that through every step of my life there will be someone who is there to help me who knows exactly what it is that I am going through and exactly what I need to get through it. Sometimes I know it can be hard to put all your trust in something; however I know that we can trust Christ with all our hearts and he will never lead us astray.
Another thing to remember that Christ has blessed us with is, while in this life we have the opportunity to not only receive answers to prayers; but to also be answers to prayers. Look for opportunities to reach outward and become focused on someone else and I know God will send someone to help you. You will find joy beyond measure as you reach out and invite others to come to the hope and joy that you yourself have found. And you will also find joy in the little acts you do everyday in service to those whom you are around. You will feel Christ's love more abundantly in your life because we know that when we are in the service of our fellow man we are in the service of our God. Every chance we find to serve others is a chance to serve our Savior and God and to help them bring hope and love into this world.
I know that although the world often seems really dark and dreary, and we often feel as though we are in our very own midst of darkness. However we don't have to go far...if we will reach inward and find the charity of Christ we will become the very light we have been searching for. Our heavenly father is mindful of each and everyone of us and I have felt it so much as I have been here serving him. I know that he has been here with me every step through this process of both learning of his beloved son and learning Korean. And I have felt the power of the Holy Ghost so strong as he has taught me and strengthened me. Constantly be on your knees looking for opportunities to serve and help others and I then ask to find answers you need. I promise that as you do this and as you serve those around you, you will find the answers you have been looking for. You will also feel constant comfort, peace, and joy. I know this because I have felt it in my own life and I know that this is real. This gospel has truly brought hope, love, and peace to my life. I know that as we serve others we will receive the answers we need and more opportunities to reach out and help others. 예수그리스도의 복음을 Jesus Christ's Gospel is our guide and help through life and as we turn to it and to our Heavenly Father I know we will be able to know what we must do in order to return to live with our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the blessing this gospel has been in my life and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share it with others. Look for opportunities to share it with others in your own lives and feel your own light grow as you strengthen the light in those around you! :)
I love you all so much!
사랑합니다! {Love}
비글러 장로
Elder Bigler!

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