Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello from Korea! See Pics

This is my first real email from Korea!:) Haha how is everyone doing?Anyways holy cow I am in Korea!!!!:) It is so awesome here. I cant hardly understand a word anyone is saying but it is fun anyway :) 

On wednesday morning (first morning here) We went to bath house! :) Haha it was an interesting experience but definitely very cool. Then the APs took us back to the mission home and we had breakfast. Sister Furrniss made us french toast! Probably the last american breakfast I will have here besides cereal :) haha. It was cool. Then we went and did orientation learning all the mission rules and about Korean culture. It is cool, some of the differences you would never even notice but they are totally there. Haha for one when we count on our hands we start with our hands closed and open one finger at a time. When Koreans count the start with their hands open and put down one finger at a time :) Haha interesting huh? Well anyways after that we went out for our first 전도. I was paired up with Erickson 장로님. We had a lot of fun. And we had a super cool experience. I went up to this guy to talk to him right?....and after I kind of told him a bit of our message and what our church was about he started saying a bunch of words I didnt understand. Erickson 장로님 translated and told me that the guy was really interested and wanted to buy me and him coffee and sit down and tell him more! FYI that like never happens in Korea :) haha. So we gently explained that as members of the church we dont drink coffee, and I think that impressed him even more. Anyways he took us into this really expensive shop and bought us Orange Juice (Since we wouldn't drink coffee) the orange juice was like 6,000완, $6 a cup! It was delicious. Anyways we taught him about the restoration while he was drinking his coffee and we gave him a book of mormon and committed him to reading it. He was extremely interested it was so cool. He then asked for our phone number so he could meet with us again! Since when does the investigator ask the missionary for their phonenumber? Haha anyways we gave it to him and he made a memo in his phone to call us to learn more. We then got his number as well and told him we would call to schedule and appoitment to meet again. He was really excited it was so cool!:) we then left and continued 전도를 하고있어요. It was fun :) Elder Erickson then said that he had never had an experience like that in all the year and a half of his time on a mission, and he said it was greenie luck :) haha. Anyways we then went back and had testimony meeting and Sister Furrniss took lots of pictures to put them on the blog. I guess there is a Daejeon mission blog. You can find in if you search it on google. and She updates it often and puts pictures and stuff on it :) Anyways then the nextday, Thursday we got to meet our companions and where our first area would be! :) My first area is 천안. It is the biggest area in the whole mission! :) haha it has 1 ward and 1 branch. It is a big city and totally looks like new york! haha. :) It is pretty cool. My companion is a Korean native, named 구병모 장로닙. He is very short haha, and although he speaks english pretty well he doesnt speak it often because he likes the way Korean sounds better :) haha. So we dont talk a whole lot but he is a lot of fun :) He is probably like 5'2" haha and we definitley look a little weird walking around the city :) Haha I am a ton bigger than pretty much everyone here it is really funny. :) Im not worried of anyone trying to pick a fight with me :) I could probably pick most of them up with one arm :) haha. just kidding. but it is cool. Anyways it was funny the other day while me and Elder Koo were 전도 하고있고 we were talking to this younger guy and we eventually got his number. When elder Koo put it in his phone he already had the number in there...turns out someone he had 전도ed earlier had given him a fake number and it just so happened that the fake number was this guys number:) it was really funny and the guy laughed pretty hard :) We called him right there to make sure it was the right number and it was. haha so it was an interesting experience :) anyways thats life in Korea for the past few days :) There are definitely some new smells to get used to, and some language to learn, haha but I am getting the hang of it :) 

Anyways I wanted to let mom know that my sacred place, or as us missionaries call it, our personal groves, is in several different places while I have been out here. I think the most sacred time for me of the day that I really get to refill my spiritual cup is in the evening times when I am writing in my journal and reflect on the miracles that God has given me that day. I try to think of at least 3 miracles I saw and write them down and then pray and thank God for giving me those miracles and asking to receive more the next day. This helps me always focus on the best things that have happened every day and definitely helps me feel closer to my Heavenly father :) Other than that I also enjoy my personal scripture reading time in the mornings. I am going through the scriptures topic by topic :) since missionaries get an unlimited amount of free scriptures I grab one book and go through thinking of a topic and highlighting things that apply to that topic as I read. Right now I am going through looking at Characteristics of Christ. It is so cool and has really built my testimony that the book of mormon is truly another testiment of Christ. Every page is full of these characteristics :) 

비글러 자로

FYI all mail is to just be sent to the mission home and then they will forward it to my address :) Love ya!!!!!

So, do ya think that FYI was a hint?! His mission address is posted on the last blog post... just in case! :)

Tyler sounded great when we got to talk to him as he was leaving the country.  As you can tell he's excited to be in Korea, and excited to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others!  Thank you all for your love, encouragement, and prayers for him, and the letters never hurt either! Below are some pictures that his Mission President's Wife posted on their site... Enjoy! Love, Dad & Mom Bigler

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