Saturday, March 30, 2013

New transfer

So as far as an update goes! :) This week has been just as busy as every. We have 2 investigators that are really progressing. Their names are 종정운 과 윤용돈. They are super cool. We have extended baptismal invitations to both of them and they have both said that if as they pray about it they feel it is right and they learn more about the book of mormon they will be baptized. So We are praying hard for them to feel the spirit and feel Gods love and help them however we can to understand everything. So things are going really well :) We weren't able to meet with the family refferal this week sadly because I got really sick and was stuck in bed for a day and a half straight. Not exactly fun, I think my body is still getting used to the Korean food and what not. One of my goals for this next week is to not get sick :) haha. But me and Elder 구병모 have been working super hard. We are out talking to people as much as possible and walking a ton trying to get to tons of innactive members and strengthen the members here. It has been really good and it is so great to see the spirit come into peoples lives and give them strength through these trying times on earth.
So today we found out our first transfer assignments! :) Im getting a new companion. They are putting a bunch of missionaries into my area. My house is going to be become a 4man house instead of a 2man house ( I don't know how we are going to fit haha:)) and the sisters house is changing from a 3woman to 5woman house temporarily and will be just a 4woman house. So our area is doubling size it is crazy! But it is super good because we have been super busy and now we will be able to help more people because there will be more missionaries to help out. My new companion is going to be Elder Barney. He has been out for 4 transfers so we are both newish missionaries in the field, so it should be exciting :) And since I am staying, eventhough I will still be in traning under Elder Barney as senior comp, I will be area senior which means I have to know how to get around the area and everything, so this week I am going to be super busy making sure I have that all down before my new comp gets here on thursday and I have to lead to all of our appointments. My companion that I have right now will be staying in 천안 but he is getting paired up with one of the new greenies coming in this week! Super exciting! So this next week will definitely be an adjustment but I am super excited to get it all figured out. I know the lord will help us through it all and it will all work out :)
Anyways I love you all so much! Hope everything is going well and can't wait to hear from you all again!
Elder Bigler

A PS - taken from the family portion of his letter, advice to siblings...
" I have found that everynight as I take time to meditate and think back on the day I can feel the spirit really strong as I go back and look for times where I might have felt the spirit that day. I know that one of the gifts of the spirit is the gift of rememberance and through the spirit you can remember these precious moments of each day. And a lot of times we don't recognize them in the moment, but when we reflect on them we can see them a lot more :)" Tyler

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