Monday, April 22, 2013

April 21st update

{translation by Dad} - Enjoy :)

So as for a weekly I have been trying to take good pictures but my camera has been messing up like crazy so I can't get any real good pics. I think I may have to get a new camera. Hopefully soon so I can get some cool pictures sent to you of all the cherry blossoms and everything here :) it is gorgeous :) So this week was cool :) It rained really hard the past few days which made 길 전도 {Street Proselyting}  difficult but it was stiill super fun :) We also set up a bunch more basketball appointments the Korean's really like seeing a big huge 외국인{American} come and dunk and play with them :) it is awesome I cant wait! :) we are also meeting with almost all our investigators this week, things are really busy though here as everyone is getting ready for end of the year tests which are extremly important here. So it is slightly difficult to meet with people but we still have a ton of appointments and the work is definitely progressing :) My Korean is coming along pretty well! I finished "Pass-off" which is like the missions language learning program. It is supposed to take at least 3 transfers. I finished in 8weeks! :) and I have truly been blessed to be able to understand and learn so much it is awesome! :) So this week one of the 전안 회환 (Cheonan Members) went on 전도{Splits} with us and it was so awesome to learn so much from him. His name is 죄전규. He is in a Wheelchair because a few years ago he was working in an elevator shaft and fell down and broke his back and several other things. But he has such a strong testimony of the Healing Power of the Atonement and it is awesome! I have learned so much from him and his unwavering trust in God. We are going to start meeting with him once a week to role play lessons so we can learn from him :) he trained 9 missionaries on his mission! That is a ton! :) haha So we are planning on learning a ton! :) I can't wait. It seems like everyday we learn so much more and I look back on the day and realize all I have learned and it is so awesome. And we have been getting tons of 식사 {Meals} from the members! :) We are really growing close with them all it is awesome! :) Anyways I wish I could tell all the stories from the week but I never seem to have enough time. I hope all is going well! :) Keep working hard and always remember that your Savior loves you so much. I have learned that because he loves us so much he allows us for us to have struggles and trials. They are hard, but it is through them that we grow the most. Never give up hope. Christ has promised to always be with us and give us the strength we need to get through all our struggles :) I know this is true. Always look for ways to grow from the struggles and remember that God has promised us that if we endure them well and endure to the end we will have eternal life and be able to return and live with him. This to me is worth every struggle. This life is hard, and time never stops, but the next life will be glorious beyond measure. Always find hope in Christ and remember you can do it! :) I love you all, keep working hard and giving your all. I promise it will always be worth it in the end! :) Seek ye the kingdom of God.
Elder Bigler

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