Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Being a progressive investigator

Hey family! :) well this week has been crazy busy! haha i barely had time to sit down for a meal most of the days! :) but that is just the best feeling as a missionary, and when you feel like you are just dragging yourself into the apartment on sunday night because you are so exahusted is awesome! :) haha anyways this week we were blessed to meet a new investigator named Spencer :) haha ya he is an american, so looks like im gonna have to brush up on my english :) haha but he has a ton of potential! he came out to church on sunday and absolutely loved it and wants to continually keep coming out so we are really looking forward to getting to meet with him! Keep him in your prayers, hopefully his name will be easier to remember than some of our other investigators :) anyways it is so great to get to be a missionary and to be so blessed to get to learn so much everyday. :) haha my new goal is to always be a progressing investigator for the lord! :) haha anyways not always is it comfortable or easy to learn, but it is definiltey always worth it! :) anyways i hope you all have a super awesome week! sure love you and am praying for you!
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