Sunday, August 3, 2014

Zone mtg. & a true seeker

( sorry it's late! I forgot to "publish")
Hey family!!!!:) it has been a crazy week! But thats nothing new :) haha Everyday in the life of a missionary is full of tons of surprises, and learning moments! :) But this week has been great! We started off the week with a big group zone meeting we organized with president just because we thought the zone really needed it and it turned out just being amazing! basically just turned into a big huge testimony meeting and the spirit was just so strong! can you imagine 33 missionaries and a mission president and his wife all together baring their testimonies and then closing with a big group prayer for our ward members and investigators! Definitley a crazy awesome experience! :) Anyways aside from that another highlight of the week that we had was a super fun meeting with a new investigator of ours :) haha and by super fun, i mean one of the longest, most in depth lessons i have ever had. haha so i was contacting a bunch of phone numbers of people who have been investigators in the past couple of years and came across this man named 성요한(Song, Yo Han). Anyways i called him and he was superr  excited to meet with us. So we ended up meeting him about one hour later. :) We were planning on just kinda going through our missionary purpose and establishing a good base and figuring out where he was at with believing in God and church and those things. Well that was the plan....haha but needless to say that was not the way the lesson went down. :) Well this guy has been searching for God. And by searching i mean i don't think i have ever met anyone who has searched this hard on my mission. He has read the bible over 20 times start to finish and has memorized all of The Book of Revelations as well as several other books in the New testiment. Truly amazing! Anyways we ended up sitting down with him for almost a total of 4 hours disecting the bible and answering all of his questions and relating to the book of mormon. He was so into it it was rediculously cool! and in the end he walked out with the Book of Mormon determined to read and understand it ! :) As i we taught the lesson the thing that touched me so strongly was how blessed we are to have the Book of Mormon. For it truly is another witness of Jesus Christ and it truly makes clear the ambiguities of the Bible. The Book of Mormon truly answers questions of the soul and i felt so blessed to get to testify of the truthfulness and divinity of it to this man who truly was searching to find his savior. He still has a lot of questions and a long way to go but already you can see the sense of clearity that is starting to come over him :) Im so grateful to be a missionary and a servant of the lord! Anyways i hope you all have had a wonderful week! Im praying for you! :) And sure love you all!
비글러 {+ l. 

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