Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New comp

so got my new companion elder Hughes this week!!!:) he is so awesome! it has been so awesome to get to serve with him already and im looking forward to seeing the many miracles as we continue to serve together! :) we were blessed to find this awesome less active this week who says he wants us to help him get back on the straight and narrow! :) haha he says its going to be a bit of an underground straight and narrow at first but he will slowly tell his friends and try to prepare them to all hear the lessons as well! :) haha anyways me and Elder hughes 귀환 at pretty much the same time, so neither of us have much time left and we are planning on just baptizing Korea before we head home! :) Haha we started this 40 purification fast to basically try and prepare ourselves as best as we can to call down the powers of heaven, strengthen our zone, stake, and investigators and to do all that we can to truly become the men the Lord intended us to become while we are on our missions! One thing i have truly been grateful for recently is the power of the holy ghost! the power, comfort, strength, and guidance that come from the Holy Ghost are amazing! i feel so blessed to have such a glorious gift from my father in heaven! And i truly want everyone in the world to be able to experience such a wonderful gift! anyways im praying for all of you! :) i am so blessed to know the lord is with you all through all the trials and struggles of this life! I know he truly loves each and everyone of us! we are his children and he is our father! as we rely on him there is truly nothing we can't overcome! I love you all!!!
비글러 장로

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