Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan 15 pics" The lord is easy to please but hard to satisfy."

Hey I don't have a whole lot of time this morning but I thought you might want a few pics so I thought I would send a few :) Ill write ya a update later this evening! Love ya! Have a great day!

1st pic is me and Elder Pringle
2nd pic is me and Elder Chow bundling up to get sack breakfast before service. it was about 5 degrees outside! A bit cold for a arizona native if you know what I mean.

first pic is me elder jenson and elder hakes
2nd is a pic of a bunch of the flags with the american flag. Our flag was held by elder hakes

Hey sorry Im not going to have a whole lot of time to email today :) I have so much I wish I could say but I definitley don't have time to say it all. Anyways sounds like youve been having a lot of late nights! Don't work yourself too hard Im not there to help :) Get the important stuff done and Ill be back in 2 years to help with the rest!
Anyways this week has been super busy! We have been learning a ton, you can tell the teachers are preparing to teach all the new missionaries for only nine weeks. Often times it feels like they are just hooking us up to a fire hose and pouring as much information into us as possible, lol but its super good! Ive grown so much and have really enjoyed every moment. It is crazy to see the power of the Holy Ghost in every moment of every day. Recently I have been trying to just go by the promptings and feelings of the Holy Ghost and I can really feel him literally leading me. I challenge you all at home to take the opportunity to put all your trust in the lord and give everything you have to helping him and you will be amazed at the blessings he will give you and the wonderful experiences you will be able to have.
This past week the older districts all headed out to Korea. I have to admit I was pretty jealous. I definitely wish I was headed there:) I have this burning passion to just get out and share everything I have learned with everyone I can come in contact with. It is truly remarkable how much the lord can show you and teach you if you will open your eyes to his spirit and humble yourself and do everything centered on him. He will help you to grow in ways you didn't know you could. Often he will cut you down and shape you so that you can be even more humble and have the opportunity to really get to grow even more. I know that he loves each and every one of us so very much and I can testify that he wants to help us and bless us in every way he can. I heard a quote the other day that has really inspired me: " The lord is easy to please but hard to satisfy." I think this is so true because everytime we do something in the service of God he pours out numberless amounts of blessings into our lives and helps us grow so much, however because we have done this he knows he can trust us to do more and I think this is just the greatest blessing to recieve. I know that everytime I do something for the Lord I feel of his deep love and grace and I am so grateful I can be his servant. One challenge I would like to make would be to post something, maybe your testimony on facebook, and look at the opportunities for missionary work that will unfold. Say a prayer and remember how much God loves you!
I love you all so very much! Thankyou for everything :) Let grammy and mom know I got their Dear Elders and I loved them :) Those are probably the easiest way for me to stay in touch with everyone just cuz I dont have enough time to email everyone on p-day :) Anyways I love you and I hope you all know that God loves you so very much and is watching over each one of you for me :)
Im headed to go to a devotional to hear Elder Holland speak!!!!! :) :) :) WOOT WOOT! So excited!!!
-Love Elder Bigler

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