Thursday, January 24, 2013

Testimony to all

Dear Family and Friends,

   I just had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Elder Holland! Right now I am so filled with the spirit I could not bear to keep it to myself.  I have so many glorious thoughts and feelings from my Heavenly Father. I wish I could share them all with you... I am so overcome with God's love, grace, and divine spirit. I bare my personal witness that He lives, He is God, our great Father In Heaven, and He guides us all back to our home in heaven.  He has given us the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that we may learn of true joy, happiness, and love. As so that we may have strength to grow in our efforts to become like Him.
  Tonight as I sat and pondered the words of Elder Holland there were several things that came to my mind.  One of which beginning after he made the comment that all the Prophets, Kings, and leaders of past dispensations who knew that the gospel they shared would be forgotten and lost still taught with faith and authority from God because they knew that when we came in these latter-days and shared the message, we would not fail. I will not fail my God! His light and love burns from the deepest part of my soul! God, despite what the world thinks a young man at the age of 18 can do, has called me to go out and share his light with the world! He has trusted me with his whole church, his gospel he has put in my hands, with all his trust and love.  I will not fail God!  I invite all to hear the words of God, to come into His church so that they might learn of Him and that through his son, Jesus Christ they can accomplish anything in this life and can, one day, return to their loving Heavenly Father, as He stands at the gate with His arms wide open as he welcomes us all home!  I bare my solid witness before God, the world, and all mankind that Christ is our Savior. That He has drunk of the bitter cup for each one of us and that if we will come unto Him, believe and take upon us His name by the Holy Power of God and endure to the end, keeping and eye single to His glory and grace, then we will return to God, exalted as Kings and Queens in the High Heavens.
  This is my testimony and my conviction of Christ, His gospel, His church, and His father, even God our Heavenly Father.  I bare it to you with all my heart, mind and strength; having received my personal conviction of the truthfulness of these things and I admonish all to hear, learn, and come unto Christ.  I say these things with love and deep devotion to my Father in Heaven, and I do sat these things in the name of his begotten son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, Amen.

Elder Tyler John Bigler

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