Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jan 8th 2013

Here is the latest... I've noticed as his Korean gets better, his English suffers... So, this is a GOOD Sign!!! The best is not his language growth, but the spiritual experiences and the love of Christ and other people that re growing, can ya tell we're proud of him?  Anyway, here is his latest, typos and all! Enjoy :)

So the MTC has been interesting lately. I don't know if you heard but it got hit by a bad case of the Flu! Tons of elders were sick and the whole place felt like it was on quarantine. It was interesting. We all got to exercise our priesthood often and we really got to feel the healing power of the spirit. It was a really cool experience. Also tomorro starts the big wave of new missionaries coming in! They are expecting about 1000 new missionaries coming in just tomorro!! isn't that crazy?! One of them will be Josh! lol.
So today I got to go to the temple for the first time since Ive been in the MTC. It was so amazing! It was cool to feel the spirit and then to have all the elders and sisters from my zone gathered in the celestial room. It gave me a glimpse of just how amazing the reunion will be when we all return to our father in heaven and how much light we have to offer to the world.
This past week may not have been the easiest week; however I have definitely grown a ton in the spirit! and a little in stature too ;) lol. It has been a little overwhelming as we have decided as a district to no longer speak english from 12-6. But it is definitely helping my Korean to grow. Also this past Saturday me and Elder Chow had our first opportunity to teach what is called TRC. Im not sure what the it stands for but it is basically where we get to teach a member Korean from somewhere in the area. It is totally in Korean and I have to admit at first I was a little bit overwhelmed. It was basically like teaching a 40 min lesson in sunday school. Wish would be great until I found out we werent allowed to speak English. It started out with us going through what we had planned in Korean but we soon realized we had only prepared about 20 minutes of a lesson. Thats when the miracle happened! Out of no where I totally felt the spirit of the Gift of Tongues totally come in. I started baring my testimony in Korean and everything just started spewing out! It was so powerful and then Elder Chow started doing the same. By the end all three of us: me, Elder Chow, and the member were in tears. The spirit was so strong it was amazing how much all three of us grew. Once we had left the room the member was allowed to speak English. He told us how powerful our message had been and how it had really strengthened his relationship with Christ and helped him realize the power of revelation through prayer! It was fantastic! That was exactly the thing we had set for a goal to accomplish. He then asked us how long we had been learning Korean and when we said almost 3 and a half weeks he was astonished and merely said that the Korean people certainly will be able to feast from our spirit. It was an extremely powerful experience I will never forget!
Anyways I love you all and I hope everything is going well! I hope to hear from you all soon and can't wait to hear how everything is going!
-Love Elder Bigler

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