Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21- how I study

Here's his last update, enjoy!

holy cow another week has flown by!!!!:) crazy! Anyways it has been another amaazing week out here in korea! But now that 창마 (monsoon season) is coming to an end it is SUPER hummid! :) haha and I here it just gets worse! It is definitley making me lose weight like crazy....but hey I am not complaining! :) haha anyways in the next few weeks typhoon season starts and then I hear it just gets hotter and more hummid! :) But life here is fantastic! :) I am learning so much every day and growing like crazy! I have definitely been blessed to be getting so much out of my studies and honestly that has grown to be one of my favorite times of the day! :) Grammy was wondering how it is that I do my studies now since I learned from that old brilliantly wise man :) The answer is well kinda complicated to explain merely over email or letter but basically I have this big book that I got(all blank) and use it as my study journal. I started off by going through PMG and all the Christlike Attributes and designating one page to each attribute. Then I would take notes I had from previous lessons of devotionals and add to them. Then I started going through the book of mormon and looking at all the different prophets and making a page for each starting with Lehi, Nephi and so on....then as I was doing this I would think about Christlike attributes they exemplifed and how and would go back and add to the notes I had on the Christlike attributes. Then I would think of ways I could apply the attributes or try to act in such a ways as Lehi or Nephi to improve those attributes in my life and then go back and add more thoughts and feelings I had from the experiences I gained. The idea is to keep looking for ways to pull from all our resources, link everything to Christ and then apply it into our lives. Living in the world we live in is often times dark, confusing, and overwhelming. But one thing I have come to notice is that despite how dismal things may be there is always a deep rooted light that we can find! I admit it gets to be very hard at times but the times we go the deepest to find those roots, the deeper we find ourselves rooted into the joy and light of this gospel. I think the best process which I have seen work even before coming on my mission is study, learn, apply, review.....and always going back and seeking to find ways to pull everything we have learned all together. And i have no doubt that the center of all joy and happiness is our Savior Jesus Christ! :) So that is kinda how I have been doing my studies and it has been amazing. I try to pull from as many resources as I can and when ever I find something new I go back and add it :) It has been great! :)
Anyways details about the area :) Things are going super well! :) 김일환 (Kim, Il Whan) is still preparing for baptism! :) He is doing so great! :) He gets to meet with president this week sometime to finalize everything and then he will be right there getting baptized with his kids! :) He is so full of the love of Christ and so eager to get baptized! He has been expressing his love and testimony so strongly and has been a great support to the members! :) he is awesome! As for the boys I had to say my goodbyes to  이효빈 (Ei, yong Bin) he is going to soul for the next two weeks for vacation and I will almost certainly be transfered next week because I have been here so long. But he promised to read the book of mormon every night while he is gone and to pray 2 times every day! :) He is loving the gospel and the happines it is bring him every day! :) I am so happy for him and can't wait to stay in contact and see how he is doing! :) I am already starting to realize how hard it is going to be to say goodbye to everyone. I have made so many eternal friendships and it is hard to have to say by! I have truly givin my all for this ward and have grown so closely with all of them ! They have been such a huge blessing to me and have helped me so much! :) I can't wait to see them and be with them again! Anyways I hope you all have an amazing week! :) You are all in my prayers and I hope you all do well! :) Thanks for everything!!!!
Elder Bigler

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