Monday, July 29, 2013

Transfers???.... Transfer!!!

When he initially wrote he left us all hanging... him included!  He finally sent the news at about 10:30 last night!  Enjoy!  Oh, by the way... "White Washing" means to open an area!!!!

Recieved 8:30 PM
So I am still waiting on my transfer call.....i am super nervous!!! :) haha i should be getting it any minute....everyone else in the district has gotten calls or figured out what they are doing except me....:( haha so I am a bit nervous. But I know I am leaving Cheonan. I said by to all the members yesterday and most of our investigators. ANd President gave me permission to come back for 김일환s baptism!!! Which is next sunday!!!!:) I am so excited for him!!!!!He has such a strong testimony and has changed so much it is going to be awesome!!!!:) Oh and it seems like 청마 still hasn't ended (the rainy season) haha it has been raining like crazy all week! I just hope it isn't raining on transfer day...:) haha anyways things here are going super well. the zone is getting split and elder hansen's new companion is going to be Elder Smith who was in the same room as me at the MTC! So he now has had 3 people from my 동이(MTC Group? im not sure how to translate that exactly it is more of a feeling :)haha) Anyways it has definitely been a week full of miracles and a great chance to be able to look back and see how much the lord has blessed me these last few months while i have been serving here. It has been super difficult to say good bye but I know I am on to share this wonderful gospel with more people and I cant wait! :) Anyways I hope all is going well! Ill let you all know more as soon as I find out...Im kinda having a hard time focusing cuz I just am nervous waiting for transfer calls :) hahaha

Received 10:30 PM:
Hey just got transfer calls!!!! HOLY CRAZINESS!!!!! I am going senior, trainer, and white washing an area! Holy cow!!! I am definitely gonna need all the prayers i can get!!! so i will have one of the new missionaries from the MTC and I find out who it is on thursday when I meet him!!! and my new area is called 정앙 in 전주 (Cheongang in Junju)!!!!:) Love ya all!!!
Love Elder Bigler

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