Monday, August 5, 2013

New Comp, New area, new blessings!

Here it is, I tried to {phonetically, or fo-net-ic-al-ee} spell the Korean names for everyone... anyway, other than that here it is, unedited, enjoy! --Dad

Sorry it has been a crazy day so it has taken me a while to be able to sit down and write an email :) haha this week has been absolutely amazing! I feel like I have just been witnessing miracle after miracle! :) So I made it to my new area, 중앙 {Cheon-on} ward in 전주{Jeon-ju}. And I got my new companion, his name is Elder Williams and he is awesome! :) he is from Cedar City Utah and a burning ball of energy and spirit! :) So me and him got here to our new area on Thursday evening and the adventures began. Since arriving we have gotten lost about 3 times, found 3 new investigators, set one baptismal date, met an amazing ward and enjoyed every moment along the way!!! We have been working like crazy and the lord has led us to some amazing experiences! :) Not to mention apparently the rainy season hasn't stopped so basically almost all of my clothes and shoes are drenched and we dont have a dryer, and seeing how it is so humid here, leaving it out to dry takes a while :) But it is super fun and we are enjoying every moment of it! Our baptismal date is an old 71 year old guy, he has received all the lessons from previous elders and is basically all ready to get baptized  but he is concerned about the baptism itself because he is so old and doesn't know if he would be able to handle it. We promised him he would have the strength he needed and that one of the ward members, who is a recent convert, would be the one to do the service and everything would be ok. He seemed comfortable with it but we still have to wait a little while before everything is ready for him. Our goal is for him to get baptized before the end of the transfer! :) He is so sweet and it was so fun getting to know him! Anyways me and Elder Williams have been working like crazy, calling every number we can find and getting to know the members! It is fantastic....oh and on our first night we went and visited these members (장진규 형제님) {brother Jong-jin-guew} and had a wonderful time getting to know them. The next morning we got a call from the bishop and found out that the member whom we had visited the night before; her father passed away that morning. Because we had visited her the night before and gotten to know the family, they asked if we would come down to the funeral home and participate in the Korean funeral service. It was an amazing opportunity and quite different from that of an american style funeral. It was super cool and the members were super excited to see us! We got fed a huge meal and got to meet a lot of amazing people! Including one of the first people who was baptized in Korea! :) Anyways me and the bishop became like best friends right from the start! I am so excited! He is so pumped about missionary work and so are we. We are meeting in a seprate meeting with him on wednesday night to set up a new ward vision and ward plan to get the whole ward working on missionary work! It is going to be awesome! Anyways miracles are happening like crazy and I feel so blessed to be a part of it all! I am just trying to soak it all in! I feel like ever since getting here the lord has just been lighting the way to go and me and Elder Williams are just charging down it doing everything we can to grab everyone on the way! :) Anyways I don't have much time, hopefully I will have more time next week! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Oh by the way.....I got a call from Elder Paskett, another elder in the mission....he just got transfered to Gwangju and while he was proselyting on the street he ran into someone who was baptized by Elder Bigler 20 years ago!!!!!:) Yup it was Elder John Bigler and his companion Elder Johnson! :) I got to give him a call and introduce myself as the son of Elder Bigler :) It was so cool! He is such an awesome guy! Way to go Dad! He appreciates it so much! Right now he has been having a hard time coming out to Church cuz of his work but is still a strong believer! :) And we are taking good care of him! :) Anyways I love you all! Thanks for everything!!!:)
Elder Bigler

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