Sunday, August 25, 2013

Amazing! Plan, pray, act!

Wow the time keeps going by faster and faster! :) This week has been absolutely amazing! Im not even sure where to start! haha I feel like every week I have so much i want to tell about everything that has happened and i never quite am able to get it all out! Well that is probably going to happen again this week! :) haha Anyways this week me and Elder Williams have been super busy bouncing between our investigators and helping the members! :) we also came up with this new program to help get all the members in our ward active again! When i got to this ward there were about 85 people who showed up to sacrament, which is on the large side as far as ward sizes go here in our mission. However this last week as I was talking with our ward clerk I was able to get a ward list. I have to admit I was astonished. So me and Elder Williams sat down and decided that the thing this ward needs to become stronger is to strengthen all the less actives. I thought about how Jesus Christ would go out and rescue the one lamb who had gotten lost from the herd. I cant help but admit that I felt like instead the one lamb needed to go out and strengthen the whole herd. We sat down and prayerfully considered how we could strengthen this ward and get the less actives active again. We made a plan and acted. From this experience I definitley learned that by first gathering your resources, taking a plan to the lord, listening for inspiration and then acting upon the inspiration you receive the Lord will then be a part of every step along the way, and you WILL see miracles. Yesterday at  church we were blessed to see 5 less active  families come out who hadn't been to church in quite a while! I definitely pray and hope we can strengthen them and through them continue to go out and strengthen the rest of the herd. This last week we had an amazing zone conference that really tuned my focus, and what can i say....pumped me up! I was basically a dynamite heading out of there and nothing was going to stop me from preaching the gospel! :) Elder Williams leaned over to me on our way back home and said, i feel inspired that if we talk to everyone we see then the lord will lead us to a new investigator tonight. That night we literally talked to EVERYONE we saw, whether they were across the street, on the other side of a house, on a motorcycle whatever the circumstance we talked to them and did our best to share a message. We were yelled at, spit on, called a cult, liars, and demons; but in the end we saw so many miracles I have to admit I have never had such an amazing night before! :) that night we taught 18 other lessons on the street and we found our new investigator! :) She was on the other side of a fence, jogging, with her headphones plugged in, going the opposite direction. We literally waved our arms to flag her down. She came over to the fence, took out her headphones and asked if we needed help. Elder williams began trying to tell her who we were, she was confused and turned to me. I explained how my companion had just arrived to korea 4 weeks ago and that we were here in korea serving for two years because we had found a special message that had changed our lives and we wanted to share it with everyone. She became very interested, gave us her number and set up another appointment! She doesn't believe in god and has no religion right now but is very interested to here more! Truly a miracle! :) I feel as though every day here is a day in paradise! This gospel has brought me so much joy every day i can't even begin to describe it! :) I wish so bad I could just share it with everyone and that everyone would take a second to hear it. It truly breaks my heart when they ignore us or turn away from our message, because they truly dont understand the eternal joy and happiness they are missing out on. Anyways this week has been truly amazing! I have so many more stories I wish I could share but sadly just don't have the time! :) I hope everyone is doing super well! Look for every opportunity you have to share this gospel with others! Think about how happy it has made you; don't be greedy, share this joy with everyone! :) I know sometimes it is hard and sometimes it may not feel comfortable to share it but honestly you know how happy this gospel has made you, so go help someone else enjoy the same joy and happiness you have found! :)  I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Bigler

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