Sunday, August 18, 2013

New area, Greenie soup, and Pics!!!!

Wow another week has already flown by!!!!! I feel like the time just keeps going faster and faster! :) Well this has been a short, busy, and filled with miracles week! :) I have definitely enjoyed every moment! THe lord is definitely aware of each one of us and is helping us every day! :) So quick update! Me and Elder Williams {I am sure this was an oops and he means his new current companion Elder Andrews} have seen so many miracles this week! We made 7 new investigators this week, had some amazing lessons and met some amazing people! :) We have two investigators we are working with preparing for baptism and a family we are working with as well! :) I feel so blessed! This week I have definitely learned that if we wake up every morning with a determination to have a great day, to prepare through the spirit, pray often, and work with all our might the Lord will guide us and we can bring light into the lives of so many people we come in contact with! :) Anyways the bishop here is awesome and me and him have gotten super close! :) We have some awesome new plans for the area and I can't wait to put them all into action! The members are great and I absolutely love this opportunity to serve with them! There is a new convert name 강길규 {Kang Gil Gyew} who is about 65 and he is just amazing! He has been in several member lessons and yesterday he wrote me an essay about how the church came around and how it can be related to Korean history and how the church when it came in brought miracles to the whole world! It was so cool! He is awesome and he took us out to 순대 which elder williams wasn't prepared for :) haha it was an awesome experience :) For those who dont know 순대 (soondae) is pig intestine stuffed with pig blood and chopped up pig liver and noodles, and pig ear and foot soup! :) haha definitely an eye opener for a first week greenie but Elder WIlliams did awesome! :) he is the best! We have been working so hard and growing so much! :) I feel so blessed! :) Anyways I love you all :) I hope you all are doing amazing! 
ELder Bigler

        Elder Bigler and Elder Williams

          Elder Bigler with a member before leaving his first area

      New Comp. Elder Andrews

          Welcome to Joong-ang!

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