Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crazy busy and awesome ... Pics!!!

So this week is going to be a little shorter, I have so much i want to say but just not enough time to say it. haha I have so many stories I want to tell but ill have to just summarize the week. Basically things are going amazing over here! We are so crazy busy and it is awesome! We have been running around from appointment to appointment, on a couple days we literally were running in order to get to appointments on time! It was so great and the spirit was so strong in every single one of them! I wish I could say I had a favorite I could talk about but they were all so amazing I just dont even know how to begin to describe them. The peace and the love that filled every room was just amazing. One really touching moment came when a kid who is suffering from some mental handicapps came in quitely and respectfully sat down on his moms lap and quietly and intently listened as we talked about the savior and the importance of families. This was a huge witness to me of the Prince of Peace. I actually have been studying all week about the Prince of Peace and how  amidst our busy lives we are constantly in search for peace. The true source of all peace, The Savior, Jesus Christ. Only through him can one find true peace amidst a world of constant movement and change. The Savior is the same today, yesterday, and forever. And just as it says in Moroni Chapter 10 the power and gifts of the holy ghost shall never be done away with, unless we fail to excercise faith in the savior. One of the greatest gifts of the holy ghost we learn of in direct relation to one of his names, the comforter, is the comfort and peace the holy ghost brings to our lives. Through faith and more specifically excercising faith in Jesus Christ we allow for the comforter to come into our lives. Then we find true peace. This week I have been studying and trying to apply this as best as I can and i have grown so much! This week has been probably one of the busiest weeks of my missionary life, however I also feel as though it has been the most peaceful. I definitley have grown a ton and am looking forward to growing and learning more about my savior and the peace he brings into our lives.
I love you all so much and I hope everything is going well! Hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Bigler

      Elder Bigler and Williams

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