Sunday, September 29, 2013

Families are forever!

Here you go as we recived it :)
안녕하십니까!!!!  Wow it has been another crazy awesome week! :) Filled with learning moments, miracles, and all sorts of crazy experiences :) but hey whats new, thats just something that comes from being on a mission! Anyways this week was absolutely awesome! Im not really sure where to start but the other day we had the opportunity to go to a Korean style wedding for one of our investigators. It was definitley a cool experience! :) It was our investigators daughter and she was getting married to a guy from canada that she met at school! Anyways turns out he doesn't know any Korean, but lucky for him she knows english. Anyways I ended up having to translate some of the wedding for him, mostly just the instructions of what everyone was telling him he needed to do before the actual wedding started :) haha I can only imagine how he sure a wedding day has a lot of stress, i can only imagine not being able to understand what is going on at my own wedding! He was definitley grateful for the help and it turns out he actually has been looking for a church! We got to have a super awesome chat and he is going to meet with us and his wife and his new father in law! :) Their whole family is super awesome and it was such a cool experience. But it definitley made me grateful for our promise of being able to be married for time and ETERNITY. Life is short and I can't imagine not living with my family for all eternity. We develope such close relationships with those we love and care about, it wouldn't make sense for God to take those relationships from us after we die. In fact he hasn't. He intends for marraige to last much longer than 'til death do we part'. I look back to yesterday sitting in the baptismal service and feeling the spirit bare witness to me of the power of the sacred ordinances to bind things both on earth and in heaven. I know God truly loves us, he has given us a family to learn, grow, and help one another. And He wants us to be together forever. I am so grateful for the sacred privilege of eternal marriage and eternal families. Power comes from a family bound together in righteousness. Here in Korea there are definitley lots of struggles that come from being a member of the church; however I have seen the families and the wards here come together to provide strength, support, and happiness to one another. Let us all look for opportunities to strengthen our relationships with those we love, for our families truly are the greatest gift our father in heaven has given us. This week I have had many opportunities to look back on my missionary time and see the growth and change that has happened in me. It has been truly tremendous. A journey, that is just beginning, but a journey that as I look back on I am so grateful for! I have learned and grown so much and I intend to learn and grow so much more! I love you all so much and am so grateful for the support you all have given me! Keep working hard and remember that if we put our trust in God we can not fail! :)
Elder Bigler

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