Sunday, September 22, 2013

Korean Thanks Giving - Blessings, Living by the Spirit

Here it is as we received it, Enjoy! 
 "Well this was an exciting week! It was the Korean thanksgiving this week so the whole country basically shut down for 3 days! Haha it was crazy! But the miracles definitley didn't stop coming! Something crazy cool that happened......Elder WIlliams got a referral from someone he knew in america that knew someone here. We got in contact with her and it turns out she is from 전주! The city we are in right now! Anyways we called her and she said she would be down here for thanksgiving so we should meet up then and talk. Then on wednesday she called us and said that her family actually really wanted to meet us because Elder Williams knew the guy that she had lived with in America for a month or so. They said they were really grateful for her having such a wonderful experience with our church in america so they wanted to meet with us and get to know us! So we went over to their house for dinner on wednesday night! When we walked in it was so crazy! It turns out that the girls dad was a potential investigator of ours that we had been trying to meet but he had always been to busy! It was soooooo cool! Definitley organized by the hand of God. We came in and the Book of Mormon was right there in the room by the tv! Turns out he has been reading it and likes it a lot! Anyways it turned out to be an absolutely amazing night! Their family is awesome and we got to meet all the cousins and aunts and uncles and they were all intrested in our message! :) This is definitely God's work! Anyways aside from that since the country was like shut down President asked all the zone and district leaders to do a three day training with all the missionaries! It went so good! Everyone learned so much and while we were doing that a guy walked into the church and said he used to meet with the missionaries and he saw all of us inside so he wanted to come in and continue learning. He had some amazing questions and wants to start coming to church and keep learning more! :) Anyways there were a ton of other amazing miracles this week but Ill have to share them all some other time! But something I have been focusing on learning and applying this week is learning by the spirit! I think a lot of times I find myself studying doctrine, reading the scriptures, and learning how to be better....however this week as I was reading a book called 을 위한 선교사 (i think in english is is called member missionary work?) anyways out of that book there is a story told about teaching an investigator how to learn for himself through the spirit and it displayed an awesome 7 step process of learning by the spirit. This week I decided instead of having my investigators do the process, that I was going to do the step by step process. It has truly helped me a ton! After a few little personal tweeks and adjustments I feel as though I have finally figured out how to learn 100% from the spirit and really understand the frequency, power, and clarity of personal revelation! This week I have learned so much and have understood it all so much more than I have before! I like the idea of how when we go to school we can study the text books to learn all the class material, or we can study the text books and listen to what the teacher teaches and then clearly understand all the material! This is exactly how life works! We can study books, scripture and other material to learn about life, how to become better people, and how to return to God; but when we learn to take our studies and then listen to the teaching of the teacher personal chosen by God, The Holy Ghost, then we can really understand anything. The Ghost has a mission to help each of us through life, he is our personal teacher to life, and he has power that if we learn to understand and utelize will open our understanding to all the misteries and questions of this life! Heavenly Father loves us, he wants us to learn and to grow. He has given us the material, he has given us his best teacher. Let us not take it for granted, but instead use it to its fullest! I love you all and am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to learn, to serve, and to grow! I hope you have an amazing week!"
Elder Bigler

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