Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sept. 15th Pics, letter at end (Sorry I "published" this late)

                                             Youth Activity

                                          Pic with Comp

                                          Try knocking on this door!

Hey everyone!!!! Wow this week flew by so fast! We were so busy but it was so awesome! So On monday Elder Lyons (the other senior comp in our house) got called to go to the Mission Home to be the new paperwork Elder which meant I got to take on both my schedule and his schedule and train his greenie and mine this week. It was so awesome!!!!! We saw so many miracles it was amazing. But I wanna share just one in particular! So we found a phone number off of a old english survey that had been done and contacted the guy. Turns out he was really excited to meet with us and wanted to meet that night! We were excited and I decided it would be best for the two Greenies to take the lead as the missionaries in teaching the lesson and I would be there more to just offer support if they were having a hard time explaining or understanding what was going on. The lesson went amazing! I definitely have been blessed to have two of the greatest Greenies ever! They worked super hard preparing and were definitely nervous. I told them that I wasn't going to do any teaching of any doctrine and that they would have to get it all taught so the investigator could understand. It was definitley a growing time for them, but they definitely rose to the task! They guy was not interested at the beginning but by the end was definitley engaged and prayed for us and committed to reading the scriptures and everything! It was awesome....but that is just the start...After we walked the guy out the door and said bye we return back into the church....maybe 4 minutes later some random guy off the street walked in and said he had met with the missionaries about two years ago and some how had lost contact but lived close by the church. He said he often came by the church but didn't realize that it was the same church that the missionaries he had met two years ago came from. Apparently when we walked the investigator out he saw us in our white shirts and ran over! He has read the whole book of mormon and believes it and is just amazing! We met with him again a few days later and he is just awesome! He is super busy cuz he owns his own shop but he wants to continue learning more! :) So that was a big miracle and definitley a cool experience! IT was a true testimony builder that there are many people out there that are merely kept from the truth because they know not where they can find it! Anyways aside from that things have been going absolutely great. The ward here is awesome and they have been helping us a ton! I definitely feel like I am learning a ton every day. I don't have a ton of time today. This week is kinda a weird week because there is a huge holdiay this week were like the whole country basically shuts down and takes a break for 3 days so it is going to be an interesting week but I am definitley looking forward to it! :) Anyways I love you all and hope you all have an amazing week!
Elder Bigler

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