Sunday, July 7, 2013

Miracles and eye update!

Alright about a weekly update :) haha oh my goodness time just never slows down that is for sure! Anyways it was so great to hear from everyone! :) You are all amazing! Thanks so much for the prayers and everything! I can definitely feel them! So this week has been a big huge crazy busy super fun exciting adventure!!!!:) Where to start.....well we got a new mission president! That in and of itself definitely brought about a ton of change! On wednesday I had the blessing of being able to be a part of the leadership council meeting with him. As he met with all of the zone leaders and sister coordinators it was amazing to see his excitiment and thrill for missionary work! :) It was so amazing. He is like a greenie in mission president form and he is defnitley being led by the spirit of the Lord! I am so excited to serve under him and to help him however I can! Anyways as he met with us he shared with us the experience he had as he prayed and fasted prior to becoming the mission president out here. After he recieved his call people began asking him what his vision was for our mission and he wasn't sure. So he fasted and prayed intently for several weeks. And when he shared this vision with us that he received in answer to his prayers the spirit overwhelmed me and told me this had come as direct revelation from our heavenly father! It was one of the coolest feelings ever! Anyways as he started sharing his vision we were all taken in awh....It is absolutely amazing! And will only be possible with the help of the Lord. However I have no doubt that it will happen! :) His vision is to, after 3 years, have 2,000 active members in each of the stakes in the Daejeon mission! there are 5 stakes right now so that totals 10,000 active members in the Daejeon mission! As of right now there are a total of 2,082 active members in the entire mission. Anyways after showing the major vision he broke it all down into how the Lord intends for us to find these other 8,000 members and how we can strengthen the stakes here in Korea! I know we can do it and I am going to do everything I can to make sure it happens! Anyways we returned home and I decided to get right to work with Elder Hansen. We looked at eachother and read through the vision again and said we are going to show the zone that this is God's plan! We didn't waste anytime! We made 5 appointments and got right to work! And the spirit was driving and guiding us in every step! It was amazing! This next week 김일환 is getting baptized with his 2 kids! :) His testimony is so strong and he is working so hard to be prepared and worthy to be baptized! Please pray earnestly for him to have strength to keep abstaining from smoking, he is working hard and needs all the support he can get! :) Also we met with the boys! Oh they are awesome! They are coming to church this next sunday and we talked to them about baptism and are setting dates with them this week! :) Crazy awesome experience with them! :) ( i figure i better account for the experience cuz grammy wants details and sadly I have been holding out to share when I get home :) anyways here is one miracle I have exprienced! :) ) So we were meeting with the boys and they are just golden investigators! I love them so much! :) Anyways we sat down and asked them if they had read the book of mormon introduction like we had asked them to...they had, in fact they read it separately and then read it again together right before meeting with us! :) They said they felt something special when reading it and wanted to make sure they all felt the same thing :) haha anyways so we met with them and talked to them about the 1st lesson! It went awesome and we finished it off talking about the holy ghost and also how we can communicate with God through prayer...side note.....정마 has started (cheong ma is the rainy season in has been pouring all week!!!:) haha anyways) and it had been raining hard all day both prior to and through the lesson. Anyways at the end of the lesson we closed with a prayer and 이효빈 (EE Hyo Been), one of the boys, said he would like to say the closing prayer! We were like, yes of course by all means please say the prayer ;) haha anyways his prayer was very simple and sweet talking about how he was glad to have met us and to have been able to come to our church and a couple little things like that but then he specifically prayed that the rain would stop so that we(the missionaries) since he knew we had to walk home, could walk home dry and not get wet. It was so sweet of him. Well the rain was pouring like crazy and by no means did it stop when he said those words. He was like well maybe youre supposed to get wet :) haha anyways we started making our way out of the church with the boys turning of the lights and everything else. No sooner did we open the door to walk out side, the rain completely stopped! Well you can guess.....the boys went crazy! :) haha they were so excited and it was a huge testimony builder for them! And me and elder Hansen were blessed to walk the forty minutes home completely dry....and as soon as we walked into the apartment.....yup the rain came down and the floods came up ;) haha anyways just thought I would share that little story.....There have been tons more this week that I would love to share but I sadly don't have time... Anyways I just wanted to let you know that God really is aware of all of our prayers. He listens to each of us and loves us so much! I know for a fact that if we will go to him in daily prayer seeking for answers we will find them...he will make our weekness strengths if we humble ourselves before him. He loves us, more than we could ever under stand! I am so grateful to be out here, to be able to see so many of his mighty miracles being placed in the lives of those who are searching for truth and striving to live according to his will! God is definitely a god of miracles today just as he was in days of old! :)  Anyways I love you all so much! Thanks for everything! I can't wait to be able to share more stories and hear from you all and all the amazing things happening in your lives!
Love Elder Bigler
PS I thought I would type in a little update on my eye... Thanks so much for the prayers and concern I have definitely felt them and have felt the miracles that have come from them. From the outside my eye looks completely healed! :) You can hardly even tell I had stitches! The doctor did an amazing job and Heavenly father definitley helped speed the healing so I wouldn't scare away investigators :) haha anyways as far as internally I went into the doctor and everything seems to be just fine. The bleeding has not grown any and has not gotten any worse, sadly however it hasn't improved. He wants to keep a watch on it for a while. President Shin wants me to get a second opinion so we are planning on going to the hospital in Seoul. Since everything is going well and we are super busy getting 김일환 and his family ready for the baptism we are planning on going to the hospital next week. If anything changes or appears to get worse though I will be right in to the hospital here in my area:) So everything is definitely looking good and improving! I feel so blessed! :) The doctor isnt worried about my eye at all and thinks that over the next two months the bleeding should go completely away :) Thank you all for your prayers they are definitely working! :)

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