Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week of miracles - eye update!

Here is Tyler's email... I've left it unedited :) (i did underline a particular point of interest. :) I want to thank all those who have been praying for his eye, and for success in his labors, they have definitely been heard and answered! Enjoy!!!

Holy Week of miracles!!!!!!!!!!:):):):) Oh goodness I don't even know where to start! :) Well Ill start at the beginning. So sadly 김일환 smoked monday morning so he wasn't able to get baptized this past sunday but he is right on track to get baptized this sunday!!!!:) Keep praying! He is working so hard and is looking so hard but he is really suffering from the withdrawls so he needs all the help he can get. We fasted with him yesterday and it went so well! He said how he knows he wants this and it is worth everything. He even said he has been trying to quit smoking for a long time but every time he tried he just couldn't do it. But for some reason this time he has a new strength he couldn't explain that has been helping!! He has such a strong testimony! It is so powerful! He has worked so hard, given so much and is doing the best he can. Things have been super rough for him since his wife left him but the change that can be seen from the time we started meeting with him is tremendous! The gospel really does change lives! :) So this week will be his baptism with his two kids! :) 이효빈 성상욱과 박재현 are doing great(the three boys)! They are starting to build there testimonies and are just studs! :) haha they weren't able to come to church this week because of church but are planning on adjusting their work schedule, which is EXTREMELY difficult and risky in Korea, so that they can come out to church!:) They still don't have a solid baptismal date but we have talked to them about it and they all say that it seems like the right thing to do :) haha anyways they are doing great! :) I also had a super fun split with Elder Fund from my 동이( im not quite sure how to translate that word....basically he came to korea in my group:)) and we had a ton of fun on tuesday and wednesday! :) Then came the wednesday miracle. I went into the eye doctor :) Heavenly Father is definitely watching over and blessing his missionaries! My eye is completely healed! In fact some how or another my stigmatism was healed and I no longer need glasses!!! Holy miracle!!!!:) So I didn't end up going to seoul for a second opinion :) definitely a huge blessing from the lord! The only thing that is left is a small little scar above my eye to remember the miracle God has given me! :) Anyways Korea is going awesome! :) our zone is doing crazy good! :) We are doing the best in the mission as of right now! :) 11 baptisms to happen in the next month! :) That is more than this zone had all year!!!!:) There are definitely prepared people and God is definitely hastening his work! We will get presidents goal and it will be amazing! :) Since coming to 천안 i have seen so many miracles! :) the ward has grown from 108 active members to 146 active members! :) we have been blessed to help reactivate 5 families and baptize a few families as welll! They are all doing great! I love them all so much! It definitely wont be easy to have to say bye...but I know i will get to see them all again! :) They already all added me as friends on facebook I just have to add them when I get home ;) haha. anyways life is going great! :) Korea is beautiful! It has been raining like crazy and it is super super humid! No matter what you do you are always sweating here :) haha oh well its still a blast! :) and everything is so green and goregeous! :) Sad thing is no AC as the appartment so it is crazy hot! :) haha Anyways I hope all is going well! Keep working hard and look for opportunities to share the tremendous blessings you have in your life with those around you! :) I love you all!
Elder Bigler

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