Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eye injury

Hey everyone!!!!:) Well it has been an interesting week!!:) Haha well if you haven't heard I was a bit of an idiot and kinda got myself into a sticky situation. SOOOO the story goes :) haha..... SO we were helping these less active members move apartments. They were super nice and it was going super well! :) They are awesome and I am so glad I got to meet them before they left. Anyways in the process of moving them out they gave us a bunch of stuff for our apartment since they were moving to the otherside of the country and therefore could not use it. ONe of these things being a super sweet weight bench! I was excited cuz we dont have a weight bench at our house and I was looking forward to being able to finally lift weight. Anyways we got back to the apartment and while everyone was showering, because we were super gross after having moving the people, i decided to try out the new weight bench! :) It was awesome I was so excited! It had these awesome big elastic bands for resistance that you could use for leg lifts and another set that you could do curls with! It was so great I was using the curl ones and I was loving it and was like ah i could probably curl the same weight as the leg lifts....SO I started doing curls with the leg lift part of the bench. Well it turns out the member had slightly jimmy rigged the leg lifts so the tension would be tighter. He had taken the pin that locks the bench and took the elastic band and etached it to the pin so the leg resitance would be more. ANyways it work just fine when you do leg extensions because your legs only pull the device up to 180 degrees. Anywas I was curling it and becuase when you curl the bar comes up a lot further I some how managed to pull the tension just to the right spot were the pin was straight up with the elastic band directly below my head. This caused all the tension that had been pulled in the band to slingshot the pin straight out of the hole straight up into, what happened to be directly in eye :) haha not exactly the best.... anyways it took me out and continued on and hit Elder Hansen in the back giving him a nice welt. Luckily that has pretty much healed but it must have hurt like crazy! Anyways so the pin had shot up into my eye knocking me back off the bench and onto the ground. It didn't hurt to bad at first. Anyways the Elders all rushed in and no body would let me look at my eye. THey told me to keep it covered and get to the Hospital. I was like seriously? it really doesnt feel that bad im sure its fine I don't want to go....well i didn't win that argument the quickly got me into a taxi and took me off to the hospital. By this time I was just trying to keep the blood from dripping off my hand and getting everywhere. Anyways we made it into the hospital and I went straight to an eye specialist. 2 and a half hours and 4 stitches later I was released. turns out I have the four stiches which have already healed super nicely! :) Truly a blessing! :) But the thing they are worried about right now is when the pin hit my eye it scratched my cornea to a degree 5...whatever that means :) haha anyways apparently scratched it pretty good but they say that that will heal within a month and a half or so, so that is super good! :) The thing they are worried about now though is that I have some internal bleeding inside my eye...right now causing me to have a nice little blind spot...the thing that was worrying them was when I went back in a few days later the bleeding had actually increased instead of decreasing....they gave me some medicine to help the blood hopefully slow down and keep from filling up more of my eye and keep from having a hemmorage. I will be on this medicineuntil saturday and then if things havent been improved they are going to send me up to Seoul to have some form of lazer eye treatment to help it. Anyways it has really stunk cuz I haven't been able to leave the house much so it really stinks but I have been working super hard on my korean so that is improving a ton! :) And i have still been able to do several appointments with investigators via phone calls! :) So hey it works! :) Anyways it looks like everything should heal perfectly, it just may take some time. As of right now my vision out of my right eye is very limited but hopefully it will start to improve! Anyways I have definitley felt all your prayers and have definitely been  truly blessed ! It turns out if the pin had been about 2 cm lower I would have completely shattered my eye. God is definitely watching over me and I feel so blessed! :) Anyways the investigators are doing awesome! Our three knew boy investigators are super sweet! They are becoming more and more interested in the gospel and are just super cool! We are planning on talking to them a little more about baptism this week to hopefully open the door! :) And 김일환  and his kids are doing super great! :) We are still working on his smoking...he is getting way better! :) And he is right on track to get baptized! :) Anyways life here is going great! I am learning a ton every day and growing so much! The blessings of being a missionary are enormous! :) And definitley life changing! I definitley encourage everyone to be super strong member missionaries and promise you that if you will dedicate a part of your day every day to missionary worrk you will see tremendous blessings in all aspects of your life! :) I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!
Elder Bigler

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