Sunday, June 23, 2013

Transfer week, 4 new invest w/pics!

Ty's doing great! Here's the latest update with only a few grammatical corrections, and Korean translations! ;-)

Wow transfer week flew by! :) haha and it was another awesome week in 천안! :) {Cheon-On! therefore he didn't get transferred}  We got a new greenie in the house and it is definitely a lot of fun to see him trying to figure out everything that is going on :) But it has givin me a lot of great opportunities to work on my translating to help him understand a little of everything :) Anyways to start out the week we went to this buffet called d'marris and holy cow it was crazy!:) haha it had over 2,000 different types of food and it was all crazy delicious! They had steaks made right in front of you. Grilled pinnapple, roasted duck, and a bizzillion other delicious things :) {wow things have changed!} it was great! haha then we had an awesome district meeting but by the end elder hansen wasn't feeling good. we took him home and I went to visit 김일환 {Kim, Il Whan} with our korean elder 장세진{Jeong, Sae Jin}. It was super cool! He has completely stopped drinking and we are now working on him stopping smoking! He is planning on being baptized on the 14th so keep him in his prayers! We are planning on baptizing him with his two kids and then helping him get the priesthood so he can baptize his youngest in about a year! :) he is such an awesome guy and it is so crazy to see the huge change in his spirit and countenance from since we first met him. I still remember the first time I came into his house and met him...the feeling was completely different and so much better. You can feel the happiness, love, and hope that the spirit has brought into his life! :) It is fantastic! Anyways then sadly I think I cought what elder hansen had and me and him spent the next day not able to keep anything down....haha anyways but we kep working hard calling people. We even had an appointment over the phone with one of our investigators :) it was interesting but definitely a cool experience! :) anyways we got out the next day and met with 이효빈and 송상옥 {Ie, Hyong Bin & Seok, Sang Oak}. And they brought a friend with them which is now a new investigator! All three of them are progressing and we are having a blast teaching them. Next time we meet we are going to have a ping pong match and it should be tons of fun!:) Koreans are crazy good at ping pong! But I am learning fast! ;) haha anyways we got to meet with the rest of our investigators and everything went super awesome! :) I am so glad I get to stay here! It is crazy that I have been here in my greenie area for so long and am still not leaving! But i love it and if i could stay here for the rest of my mission I would definitely love it!:) The ward is fantastic, the investigators are great, and the zone is doing awesome! Im super sad though cuz my MTC companion, Elder Chow, just got transfered to 고반정, {Ko Ban Jeong} which is in the new Seoul South mission so I had to say good bye :( but I know he is going to do awesome! :) Anyways I have tons more I wish I could right but sadly I am out of time....There is so much going on here!!!:) haha anyways I love you all so much! Thanks for everything! Write me when you can and work hard! :) It is crazy everyday to see the blessings of the spirit that come from working hard with complete trust in the Lord.
Love you all!
Elder Bigler

{Enjoy the pics below!}

.    Elder Bigler and Elder Hansen with four new investigators

    "My Korean "Mom" and "Sis."!"
     Elders from MTC group 

Korean rice fields {how would you like to pull those weeds by hand?}

Love you all!
Elder Bigler

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