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6/9/13 - P-day & 23 lessons

Sorry all, it took me a bit to get this posted... I have had a few requests to do a better job at translating Ty's Korean, so I'll step it up.  I realized that when he talks about names if people or names of places they don't cross my mind as needing translated! :)... I am also worried that the way they spell it may be different than I would guess in English, but I'll do my best!

Our first e-mail of the day:
Hey everyone! Super great to hear from you! :) I am not going to be able to have as much time to email today simply because we are going to the beach for a district activity in 대천(Dae-Cheon). :) ya dad your old area :) sad thing is we wont be able to go into the water but we will get to play beach volleyball! :) Anyways Ill send my weekly update! This week has been crazy awesome! :)

Here is his real update later that day...
        Subject: weekly update
OK so I am going to have to be fast cuz I am just using one of the laptops at the grocery store and I am not really sure if I am allowed to be using it :) haha We came to 대천 (Dae-Cheon) today to go to the beach for a district activity! :) Im excited :) too bad we wont be able to do pretty much everything you can do at a beach, but it will still be fun! :) Anyways this week has been awesome! I really dont even know where to start! :) So we got to go to Daecheon this week for MLC( Mission Leadership Conference) and that was super awesome! We talked about the mission and how to help all the missionaries and how to Help President Shin as he comes in and President Furniss leaves! :) Next week is the final transfer call that decides if we go to the new soul South mission or stay in the daecheon mission with the new mission president! :) So everything is super busy and we have a bunch to do as we prepare for everything! At MLC President Furniss gave his final going away talk to all the zone leaders and assitants. It was so powerful! I have learned so much from him and I have truly loved serving with him! I wish I could share all my thoughts and feelings and things I learned but there isn't time :) ANyways after that we returned to 천안 (Jeon-on)and met two new investigators and they are awesome! :) I am super excited to get to know them better and teach them both english and about the gospel! :) Then we met with 김일환(Kim, il whan)! Oh it was so powerful! We were talking about baptism and then all of a sudden I could remember my own baptism like perfectly, it was amazing! IT just came into my mind and I bore testimony and the spirit just pulled all my words out of my mouth and it was so powerful! It was absolutely amazing! Following that 김일환 (Kim, il whan),said I need that, like right now! :) Oh it was the best feeling ever! We gave his two kids baptismal dates, and he is going to get baptized as soon as he gets a few little things worked out! :) It was so great to see the joy come across in his face as he realized he had found the answer he was looking for! :) He has now read the book of mormon 1 and a half times! IN 3 Weeks! He is so awesome! :) I love him! I am so grateful I had this opportunity to meet him and to be a part of this experience with him! Anyways then we went and met with William and played Ping Pong! He is so good and taught me a bunch of tricks so when I get home, be afraid ;) haha just kidding! :) but i definitley have lots of opportunities to play ping pong here :) Anyways william is doing good! He is reading the book of mormon and really enjoying it! We are hoping to help him realize the power that comes through prayer and the direction God can give us if we have faitH:) Then we had English class which is always fun and following that made 2 new investigators! They are super cool and are really interested in the Church! :) Anyways aside from that we have really been focused on trying to get out and help everyone we see and God has definitley blessed us! We got to go farming and that was super fun! I have the new nick name Hercules in the ward :) haha I guess all those push ups are starting to pay off :) haha and we also were blessed to teach way more lessons than normal! :) It was so exciting! We taught a total of 23 lessons this week! And our zone is doing awesome! Everyone is growing so much and becoming amazing missionaries! It is a pretty young zone, so I can't wait to see how everyone becomes over the next several months! And I can't wait for pres Shin to get here! This is definitley God's work and he is helping us with every step! :) I have been blessed so much this week and have learned so much! :) I definitley know that I would not have been able to have had any of the amazing experiences I had this week without the Lord and his spirit! :) Everyday me and Elder Hansen have been blessed to be lead by the spirit to amazing people! :) Anyways! SOrry I have so much more I want to say, but sadly no time :) I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you have done for me! :) Keep working hard and always remember God is there to help you. Turn to him in everything and I promise he will be with you! I have been studying the powers of heaven and how to have them come into your life! It has been absolutely life changing! If we have faith and call down the powers of heaven I know we will be able to do things far more than we ever could have accomplished on our own! As of my own strength I know I am weak, but I know that my God is perfect, and in his strength I can do all things!
I love you all!
Elder Bigler

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