Sunday, June 16, 2013

6/16/13 Awesome!!

Well, we determined that things are "awesome" in Korea! We are definitely going to have to get some details on these stories! Anyway, here's the update, enjoy!
Oh my goodness what an amazing week! And holy cow it flew by! :) Anyways I dont have a ton of time to email but I will try my best to get a few things in! This week has been filled with so many miracles and so many amazing stories I can't even begin to write them all! This is definitely God's work, he is in control and I am just along for the awesome ride! :) Anyways so we went to the beach! It was awesome! I got super sun burnt but it was super fun! And it has pretty much all turned into a tan now! :) haha anyways on the way back we ran into a guy that by happenstance was a lessactive who lived in the area and had been looking for us! :) Oh that night was awesome I wish I could say it all! Anyways then the next night when we met with 김일환(Kim, il whan) it went just awesomely! He now has a baptism date with his children and he came out to church with his kids and loved it this week! :) Then we were walking home and probably one of the biggest miracles happened to me ever! Best story of my mission so far! Me and Elder Hansen got home and were just like, this can't be real life! it was awesome, i just dont have time to type it all out. Basically one of the coolest, richest, smartest, and funniest old guy ran up to us on the street...and started one of the biggest miracle nights of my life! :)It was awesome! anyways then the rest of the week just went awesome! Made a new sweet investigator had an amazing day at church and worked like crazy!!! It was so awesome! I have felt the spirit so strongly this week and it has been so amazing! I am learning so much! I met this guy in the ward who is like basically the biggest genious of the bible and book of mormon and he showed me this BIG huge study book he has had for the past 50 years and it is just chalk full of amazing info! He showed me how he studies the scriptures and it is just genious. I have sense changed my personal study habits and I have been getting so much more out of it! I can feel the change every day and I so grateful God has given me so much! He is the reason I am me. Everyday he gives me so much! He is by far the best! I know if we turn to him in everything he will help us. He loves us so much, I have felt it so much more sense coming out on a mission! He is truly with us and knows our struggles. We cannot do it without him. I have come to realize that. We cannot truly find ourselves until we have lost ourselves for the lord! Anyways so I wish I could recount everything from this week but I will just have to have story time some other time! :) Anyways I love you all so much! Youre awesome! Oh and by the way transfer calls came and I am going to stay AZL in 천안 (Cheon-on) for another transfer! :) Well I hope all is well! Keep me updated and send me letters whenever you can! :) I love getting mail and I promise to write back asap :)
Elder Bigler

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